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  1. When i quit the game it pops up a window with a yellow button that asks me to leave feedback. When i click the button it takes me to a web page that is just blank. I left it on to see if something loaded after awhile the other day and it didn't change after hours. Thanks.
  2. lol... It's all good. Thanks for the info.
  3. is there a maintenance schedule somewhere? i looked around for something to indicate why I couldn't log in and didn't see anything.
  4. I am in the same boat. I just started today. Hope they get it straitened out soon.
  5. If this is the wrong place to report this I apologize. I am trying to log into the game and the client loads and i can log into it, but it doesn't load any text. No patch notes or version info or anything. But i do get the play button at the bottom. When i hit the play button it loads the screen with the crow on the sword and a log in fail message with boxes to re-enter my information and a note on the side that i need to enter my EMAIL not my user name. I re-enter my info and it fails again. every time. Thanks for letting my try out your game. I will try again later.
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