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  1. Same invalid client error. Client is showing develop-7372-224de248 Error is asking to patch to develop-b32a1b08
  2. I am going to go with Eve Online jump clones. Also similar to the "John Carpenter" copy/teleportation that gets him to Mars. I'll explain it further as a system that allows you to exsist in the eternal kingdoms and 1 or possibly even more campaign worlds and move your conscienceness between the worlds.
  3. Balancing for a team fight would be assuming each team would have certain support buffs for damage mitigation or damage increase. Lets say you want to balance a 10v10 with 30 sec TTK. That might end up translating to 2-3 min 1v1 fights. But if you balance for 1v1 with a 30s TTK that might translate to 10v10 lasting 3 seconds. With gear loss a higher TTK is much preferred or people will just quit because they have no change of fighting or surviving. There will be a low chance you will ever see 1v1 unless they are duels. Most smart people will be running around in small groups. If you do
  4. I don't think a small group should be able to go against a much larger head to head and win(ie jump in middle of them and AE). The smaller should should have to apply guerrilla tactics and pick at larger group to get a few to give chase or make them spread out to find you and then pick them apart. Many in this thread seem like they forgot or just not giving any consideration that you will be able to loot your opponents. So forget 10sec fights. Fastest a 1v1 should be is 1 min and anyways this game should not be balanced on 1v1. It should be balanced on small/medium group combat and
  5. I was hoping more for something like tax-free parcel package, or vip game time package, etc rather than existing packages.
  6. I always like to do crafting in games. Eve has spoiled me some. I got to put jobs in crafting stations and go do other things while it completed. I wasn't tied to the station playing some mini game while all my other friends got to run around and do stuff without me.
  7. It seems like the obvious answer is you build your castle walls around the summoning circle. You have multiple entrances into castle wall to lessen chances of ambushes coming from resource areas and it would also cut other off from being able to bank materials. Seems like the summoning circle might be what most people fight over.
  8. http://massivelyop.net/2015/02/25/leaderboard-camelot-unchained-vs-crowfall/ My advise to the Artcraft guys is to go and answer any question people are posting in comments about Crowfall. Jacobs does this for every CU article and it does wonders for building fans.
  9. wouldn't be surprised if it reached it's goal in 24hrs
  10. In all the games I've seen transmog, it was an afterthought. I'd prefer they build a wardrobe system from start and allow you to put social clothing or even armor pieces in wardrobe. You could then set your wardrobe to be your appearance.
  11. Considering the passive skill generation is supposed to be similar to Eve. The skill system will probably also be similar. You will most likely have 1h weapons, shield, 2h weapons, ranged weapons, weapon attacks, etc. Once you train them you would have access to attack if you have correct weapon equipped. Since there will be loot rules you won't be caring around multiple sets of gear. I'd say forget the respecing until we know more about system.
  12. I think the crafting system in Dragon Age: Inquisition has something like that.
  13. Looking at Raph's answer can be very easily compared to whats in Eve Online. Although Eve doesn't have crafters, it has manufacturers and industrialists.
  14. In 7 Days to Die, people usually dig down at least to the stone layer (approx 10ft) before laying their foundations. There are also land claiming blocks in MP. Part of what the land claiming block does is adjust the block durability within its range. Example: If block durability set to 125%, and claiming block is set to 4x then the durability of block within range of claiming block is 500%. Another thing no one mentioned is moats. Seems like you could also dig a moat around your castle to prevent digging. Although this depends if we can redirect or move water to fill it. In 7DtD, mov
  15. I'd say many left in AA are still there because there is nothing else to play yet. Once Black Desert comes out, it will die. I still expect there to be lawsuits involving AA too. I think Crowfall is supposed to be a cross between MMORPG and MMORTS. MMORTS worlds last 3-12 months and then reset the worlds. Civilization Online is supposed to be similar concept but you weren't gonna keep characters after reset.
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