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    Vetr Who Are We? Vetr is a new Crowfall Guild, focused on becoming more powerful. We intend to operate in many time zones and be able to greatly impact the worlds. What Do We Do? We specialize in small-scale PvP Skirmishes, as well as Guerrilla Warfare. We also plan to occasionally focus on Assassination. What Are The Guild’s Ranks? Vetr does not currently have ranks, aside Xeniel as Founder, and Legionof7 as Cofounder, the rest will be set up later, with input from everyone. That’s Nice And All, But What’s With The Name? Vetr is an Old Norse word, meaning Winter. It embodies our views and ideas, including our behaviors when the game comes out, rushing into battle to do much damage, then escaping before much can be done to us, like a winter wind. Where Are We Established? We are currently only established in North America, in Pacific Daylight Time, though we intend to spread out into other time zones, and hopefully into Europe. How Do You Join? To join, either post here or on the Forums that we will have their link up soon! Roster: Name/Timezone/Position Xeniel/PDT/Founder Legionof7/PDT/Cofounder
  2. This is nice! A friend and I are planning a guild and it'll be nice to have this to look through if we ever need mercenaries.
  3. Hi Everyone, So I've decided to make guild for when the game comes out! As not much has been announced yet, I can't clearly say what were going to do, but I intend to make tis guild sucessful and exciting
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