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    Hi! And welcome to my page, my interests include | RP | DnD | Animal Keeping | Collecting | Cosplay | And depression
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    <Crowfall RP Hub> | Looking to try out RP or are you a veteran looking for people to RP with? Well look no further than the Crowfall RP Hub, where you can message and meet other like minded people to organise RP and adventures. We are currently looking for | DM's | Players | Helpers | https://discord.gg/aUFWmtsqrb
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  1. Hello all and welcome to Project Crowdawn, my and hopefully many others attempt to revive RP and bring it to Crowfall's amazing community. Now, what exactly is Project Crowdawn? Well it's a place for those looking for RP or looking to start their own RP related content, learn how to RP, along with meeting fellow members of the community to RP. So what does this offer feature wise? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=- - Dungeon Master role, for those who wish to put on content and be signalled for it. For instance those who have this role
  2. Heyo! I recently discovered your game and let me just say that I am really enjoying this alot, and just wanted to give a few suggestions that I've heard from others and some of my own in the hopes that if I can provide some suggestions, it might attract a bit more of an RP playerbase or even more people to come to the game. So here's the suggestions and ideas I had - More facial customizations to races and prehaps patterns? I think being able to have alot more facial customizations would go a long way in regards to customization and attraction to the game. Sure the game is cool but hav
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