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  1. I think it's in february headlight, it's barely even August now
  2. - Look out, here I come!
  3. I think I recall in Shadowbane long distance travel usually really sucking, and summons/runegates/etc being the only effective form of getting long distances. Buffs / Race / Etc could make it a fair bit faster, but it always sucked having to traverse the map. As frustrating as it could be, it would have forced a lot more strategy in protracted combat since you'd need to actually get people and stuff to a target. That was a different age of MMOs though, and the speed of player movement through the world was usually a lot slower. Most games nowadays have flight or at least 2-3x base movemen
  4. You should totally change it again to Kills / (Deaths - (Assists/5)) (min 1) 5 assists takes a death off your score, basically. Encourages conflict better IMO
  5. It hadn't really occurred to me that following a streamer could be a way to meet people before reading this post. In hindsight it makes sense, streamers generate their own communities (that's kind of the point I guess), and while the people in those communities don't *always* play the game, I'm sure a large portion of them do.
  6. hello beandip welcome to the game I hope you have a great time!
  7. I'm hyped for Cooking with Kromas. Y'all should have her also bring an actual in-real-life dish to prepare and showcase during the stream too, talkshow cooking guest style.
  8. Welcome! The current interface for crafting combines is super temporary, and there's actually a brand new much shinier one with much more bells and whistles that will be in the patch after 5.8. (So early next year prob). I *think* in 5.8 though characters do actually do animations while creating things, at least at workbenches. (I am not 100% on this one and might be wrong, but if it's not in 5.8 it will be virtually guaranteed before launch at least.)
  9. I love Dave's art so much, I was kicking myself when I realized I missed their last commission intake. They're an amazing artist, and I can't wait to see where their vision takes the Crowfall universe.
  10. I'll be your otp It probably means 2fa,which you have to enable to accept gifts!
  11. I saw this thread title in the recent threads and thought it was a giveaway thread, but then saw it was a new player question thread, which is also good but not as exciting just in case anyone else clicks this thread thinking the same thing though: I'll gift the first two people to quote this sentence a VIP token
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