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  1. I think it's in february headlight, it's barely even August now
  2. - Look out, here I come!
  3. I think I recall in Shadowbane long distance travel usually really sucking, and summons/runegates/etc being the only effective form of getting long distances. Buffs / Race / Etc could make it a fair bit faster, but it always sucked having to traverse the map. As frustrating as it could be, it would have forced a lot more strategy in protracted combat since you'd need to actually get people and stuff to a target. That was a different age of MMOs though, and the speed of player movement through the world was usually a lot slower. Most games nowadays have flight or at least 2-3x base movemen
  4. You should totally change it again to Kills / (Deaths - (Assists/5)) (min 1) 5 assists takes a death off your score, basically. Encourages conflict better IMO
  5. It hadn't really occurred to me that following a streamer could be a way to meet people before reading this post. In hindsight it makes sense, streamers generate their own communities (that's kind of the point I guess), and while the people in those communities don't *always* play the game, I'm sure a large portion of them do.
  6. hello beandip welcome to the game I hope you have a great time!
  7. I'm hyped for Cooking with Kromas. Y'all should have her also bring an actual in-real-life dish to prepare and showcase during the stream too, talkshow cooking guest style.
  8. Welcome! The current interface for crafting combines is super temporary, and there's actually a brand new much shinier one with much more bells and whistles that will be in the patch after 5.8. (So early next year prob). I *think* in 5.8 though characters do actually do animations while creating things, at least at workbenches. (I am not 100% on this one and might be wrong, but if it's not in 5.8 it will be virtually guaranteed before launch at least.)
  9. I love Dave's art so much, I was kicking myself when I realized I missed their last commission intake. They're an amazing artist, and I can't wait to see where their vision takes the Crowfall universe.
  10. I'll be your otp It probably means 2fa,which you have to enable to accept gifts!
  11. I saw this thread title in the recent threads and thought it was a giveaway thread, but then saw it was a new player question thread, which is also good but not as exciting just in case anyone else clicks this thread thinking the same thing though: I'll gift the first two people to quote this sentence a VIP token
  12. You nailed this Q&A IMO. good length. I watched the whole thing. You two looked really comfortable and excited, and like you were holding back even more excitement. Seeing this made me feel excited too. Now we can all be excited together, good job. if Armor and Weapon crafting feels so thin smart guy then why not just add another Armor Type or more Materials and More Weapons to make them feel thiccer
  13. how about they make a campaign that costs crowns to join, and whatever guild wins gets all the crowns
  14. I agree that discord needs these sorts of features, but I'm actually a little surprised there isn't a third party solution to this already. It seems you could even hack together one for free with a series of 'broadcast' rooms that rebroadcasts anything said in it to sets of other rooms. You'd need a really painful virtual audio cable (vac) stack (is that the right word? Series of VACs set up to rebroadcast 1 incoming channel to however many outgoing mics) but I bet it'd work maybe. Discord probably doesn't let you be in more than one room, but that just means you'd need more instances of disco
  15. It's kind of a rough time of year for a game like this, especially in this stage. I suspect they're probably too busy working to come tell us not to worry and 5.8 will be soon. Who knows maybe Todd is pulling a Rockstar and putting in the extra hours polishing those horse balls, so to speak. Their enthusiasm for engaging with the community is probably relative to the engagement and enthusiasm of the community. There has actually been an uptick in activity on media steams other than the forums, and honestly who could blame em for not wanting to draw people here? The dev tracker is busted,
  16. The article mentions that tracks are broken down by zone, however I was wondering if there are plans to add unique tracks (or remixes - perhaps the same track with difference instruments or in a different key) to particularly noteworthy parcels? I've always appreciated the ability for specific music tracks in games (mmos in particular) to reinforce the 'feel' and 'personality' of a particular area.
  17. This is awesome that y'all are doing this! Wish I could make it.
  18. Welcome! Crowfall is currently in pre-beta testing. I dunno if it's still termed as pre-alpha or not but it's in a fairly playable state. (Though many features that will be present in the final game are not yet there). Anyone with Beta 3 can play in the current 'live-test' servers. Any of the packs that include the base game also include Beta 3 at this time.
  19. just let people turn themselves into vendors
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