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  1. Honestly, I think the 'one of two mega EKs' problem is one that's gonna happen even if you let people set buy orders. I don't know if there is an easy solution to that though. Or if there is, I can't see it. I kinda like the idea of them going oldschool with it and letting people just set themselves as vendors. (Adding the ability to set yourself as 'buying' items in the same way would be awesome). It should make trade hubs form more organically, and form around wherever people are congregating. You'd probably run into the same 'Mega EK' problem, but the barrier to entry to becoming one o
  2. This was a really great Q&A. You were both really likable and the camera loved you. It was obvious you were hyped about the game and the patch, and it made me hyped too.
  3. And with one last jumper who got in *right* under the wire (I actually left the EK open a bit past the cutoff so they could finish), our first and only Centaur jumper completed the puzzle to win my last VIP. Congrats Xerathoul! Also congrats to Emranth, MJayed, and Dorlok (I'm sorry if I got your name wrong, this one was from memory!), who also managed to finish the puzzle and win a token over the course of the night. I think that was everyone, if I missed you, I'm sorry! I ended up spending twice as many tokens as I had intended once it was all said and done, but it was a wonderful
  4. I just want to officially congratulate [T]Tantalus for absolutely owning my jumping puzzle. I was too lazy to test if you could teleport to the end of it, and lo and behold: you could. OsirianLegacy won a 3 VIP Token Bug Bounty and Knack2 won a token for being smart enough to ask if they were allowed to cheat, then cheating themselves to the end before I banned it. Of [T]. Nahlbar was the only one to legitimately beat it! What a bunch of cheaters! Counting myself (who clearly doesn't count), EdlenLukraine, and Torlok of Cremillia that makes 3! Fret not, there is still time, just not mu
  5. Watching you whiff that last jump twice was legitimately painful, I'm glad you made it. I've sent you the token, you should be able to see it on your Backer Rewards section on the main crowfall.com account page.
  6. Well done! I thought it might have been a little bit easy, I'll make sure to make the next one tougher! IMPORTANT NOTE I will be keeping the EK up until midnight Pacific time (In about 4 hours from this post), at which point I'll be ending this contest. Four more months of VIP are still up for grabs!
  7. That's actually the front tower! The real jumping puzzle runs down the wall towards the houses, then along all the individual wall segments, and back around to the tower you can see in your screen shot in the distance! I'm sending you and invite and a VIP token anyway for checking it out though! <3
  8. **LIMITED TIME CONTEST*** ---NOW ENDED--- In order to Celebrate the launch of 5.5, and the Easter Weekend, I have created a jumping puzzle in the Goon Squad EK, as well as opening it up to the public. The puzzle begins at the front doors to the city (first ones you enter as you approach from the Shrine), and ends at the tower in the rear (towards the Crypt. in the Southwest Corner of the city). The first five players (Goons or not) who complete the jumping puzzle (Please post a screenshot of your character standing in the rear tower!) will receive 1 VIP token, to be sent immedia
  9. Sorry, forgot to mention I sent you an invite!
  10. KOBOLD Long serving as Thralls and Comfort Creatures to the mighty Dragons, no-one is quite sure where the first Kobolds first arose. Some believe they were created through the magical union of Dragon and Man, while others believe a particularly powerful and lonely Dragon created the first Kobold to serve as it's companion. Whatever their source, any worlds the mighty Dragons are found are sure to house a thriving population of Kobolds. RACE OVERVIEW Kobolds serve as Crowfall's first 'Advanced' race, which means players will need to craft or otherwise obtain a Vessel of this typ
  11. So given Crowfall would naturally draw in people who appreciate that 'new server' PvP mmo experience, I figured I'd make a thread to see if anyone else is taking a trip through the soul sucking experience that is Archeage? (I'm on east)
  12. Legion was a really great expansion and I'm hyped for bfa!!!!
  13. Speaking as someone who is definitely dumb enough and has in fact been trying to do this very thing: because I don't want to spend my own time farming dust Edit: an interesting anecdote on relative value. I was talking to someone ingame confused why someone would want to trade stuff *for* a VIP token, given the tokens are effectively worthless ingame right now. They felt the trade was a sucker's bet because you'd be giving up actual current ingame value for something ephemeral that will only be useful at some indeterminate point in the future.
  14. Oh, poorly made socks. Okay, I thought VIP tokens were different as they were inherently ingame items, and would be expected to be tradable ingame anyways. Do we know if the no 'Trading VIP' for x rule will apply after launch? I assume it won't ingame, but the forums are a different beast.
  15. Is there anything in the TOS that would prevent me from trading a VIP token to someone for 1500 dust?
  16. That's true. The potential fact (was it confirmed? I can't remember) that you can't take tokens into campaign worlds also limits the impact, unless people do trust trades. (I give you 50 VIP tokens, you sub my guild and let us win the campaign). Honestly I think the token situation is lose lose. You either don't have them, and then you drive people to gold farmers, and you have to pay for CS staff to police your own players, and you do nothing but lose money. Or you have them, and you have to design around the to keep people from swiping their way through progression or to victory
  17. Actually, I went back and looked at the store description, and it does list it as an item: The WARHORSE is an exclusive mount skin available only to those backers who sign up during the calendar year of 2016. It can be used in-game to change the cosmetic appearance of your mount. Purchase of this skin also includes one mount figurine that can be used to magically summon a mount of this type. Though how that will actually play out in game is hard to determine.
  18. The pricing on them does seem a little bit up there, but I believe most of the cash shop mounts are being sold as vanity / cosmetic items. If I had to guess, it's likely at the most they will have the same statistics as player-made mounts but look different. Heck, ideally they'd just be skins you could apply to any mount over a particular tier or whatever. I suspect much like most of the things being sold as piecemeal items, they're not entirely sure what form they will take in the final game. (Which is probably why they seem to be starting to move away from it) Assuming they are just a v
  19. I can tell a lot of thought and time went into this post, and honestly overall I think you're mostly on point. The game has an enormous amount of 'clunkyness' and lack of general polish, particularly in combat and the 5.5 skill trees. The amount of harvesting to get yourself geared is also pretty high. I do not, however, think any of these things are even remotely final in their current state. I think that polish is not really on the radar yet, and what we are currently playing (5.5) should be seen as an initial test of a mostly intact game loop. Keep in mind this is still pre-alpha.
  20. Jon was great. It made me sad you hated on Blair's shirts because that was the best thing about the live streams lately. His shirts are beautiful and so is he. You should allow another Tier of Vendors that also includes a crafting station in addition to the Vendor. Maybe parallel progression to Vendors that are Better at Being a Vendor than the poorly made socksty T1 Vendors. I dunno. It sounds like you acknowledged it was something you should do, but then asked someone else to convince you it was the right thing to do. Also: You brought up concerns regarding VIP or Cash Shop items b
  21. That's true, but that presumes Centaurs were created whole by design, rather than coming into being as a magical combination of human and horse, or an evolved species or something. Looking at the lore page for Centaurs (https://crowfall.com/en/races/centaur/), it actually gives a clear description of the creation of Centaurs. It describes Valkyn as taking the best parts of beast and man and combining them into one magnificent creature. I suppose then it boils down to what Valkyn thought was worth keeping from either.
  22. I just want to empty-quote this because it's a really good post.
  23. I was arguing about this in discord and we couldn't come to an answer.
  24. You had to kill stuff for weeks for gold to buy gear, and for xp to level your character if you were unassisted by a guild in order to 'get competitive'. At least at launch, I don't know how much that changed towards the end of the game's life. I didn't mean they were identical, I meant that there was a ramp-up period of repetitive 'un-fun' content before you could get to 'the meat' of the game. Though, there was some degree of fun pvp at all levels, at least at the beginning of the game, so I guess you didn't have to get that high in order to 'have fun'. I suspect that will be the s
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