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  1. That's true, but that presumes Centaurs were created whole by design, rather than coming into being as a magical combination of human and horse, or an evolved species or something. Looking at the lore page for Centaurs (https://crowfall.com/en/races/centaur/), it actually gives a clear description of the creation of Centaurs. It describes Valkyn as taking the best parts of beast and man and combining them into one magnificent creature. I suppose then it boils down to what Valkyn thought was worth keeping from either.
  2. I just want to empty-quote this because it's a really good post.
  3. I was arguing about this in discord and we couldn't come to an answer.
  4. You had to kill stuff for weeks for gold to buy gear, and for xp to level your character if you were unassisted by a guild in order to 'get competitive'. At least at launch, I don't know how much that changed towards the end of the game's life. I didn't mean they were identical, I meant that there was a ramp-up period of repetitive 'un-fun' content before you could get to 'the meat' of the game. Though, there was some degree of fun pvp at all levels, at least at the beginning of the game, so I guess you didn't have to get that high in order to 'have fun'. I suspect that will be the same for Crowfall's Campaigns though, so I dunno.
  5. I saw this topic when you first posted it Helix and I kinda sat on it for a few days thinking it over. I think, for the most part, you're right. Crowfall is probably going to be, for the most part, boring to most people. The thing is though, so was Shadowbane, and so was Eve. And they were boring in the same ways, more or less. When you are forced to do all the various bits of gathering and crafting and progression and whatnot to create a competitive character, you are bypassing the systems that should drive a lot of the actual player interactions that will be fundamental to making Crowfall a fun game. Once the game is fleshed out, and there is (hopefully) a real playerbase behind it, it should be fairly uncommon for a single player to just go out and go from naked punching trees to geared up entirely solo. Most people will trade, or fall back on guilds to be providing gear and direction, exactly as they did in Shadowbane, or do in Eve. That said, I honestly think they should put vendors with starter gear and armor sufficient to be at least semi competitive in PvP, at least until Beta, or at least over the weekends to encourage combat.
  6. Hey everybody. Sorry I haven't been around. I found out I'm losing my job soon and was in the middle of a move. I've sent everyone who asked an invite one, though I still have a handful of unaccepted invites. As far as Factions, honestly I haven't been doing much testing yet outside of the EK. I'm waiting for things to pick up a bit and the objectives to be more coherent.
  7. PAX WEST ANTHROCON Canada (Unfortunately) doesn't have any local big gaming events like PAX/Blizzcon, but there are a number of conventions that are fairly gaming-heavy! If you're on the west coast there is plenty (and Seattle is right there), but elsewhere in the country is a bit tougher. There is the Gx portion of Fan Expo in Toronto, and the Calgary Expo has a decent amount of gaming representation too.
  8. Forgot to mention I sent you an invite! I should probably also mention to accept invites you have to drop back to the main site at crowfall.com, log in, then go to community -> guild. The invite should show there!
  9. I actually agree! I meant that his point about the fun of combat being the basically the biggest factor in bringing in people is true. I just don't agree that we're in a super terrible place in that regard.
  10. Per-campaign passive training would honestly be an interesting consideration. Maybe split some categories of passives into 'Account' and 'Campaign' or whatever, though then you'd just soften the blow. It would be worth talking about for sure, but I suspect that was both a conversation that would have have had to happen earlier in the development process, and probably actually did happen earlier in the development process, we just weren't there to hear it. You're not wrong about combat.
  11. then you need character progression that extends weeks or months or objectives that span weeks or months, then either you have twitch streamers who get ganked by some jerk in +20 SSS rank gear named VIKINGNAIL, then get mad and quit, or no reason for them to keep playing beyond really brief drop-in lol fun gotta have those quick matches *and* deep complexity to get those millennial eyes on your product friendo, only the NEETS and old grognards like us with deep wallets to buy castles want that long of a loop
  12. Everything but the proximity voice chat (which would be a good post-launch add) sounds like a sick campaign honestly, I'd play it. make the matches last 60 minutes and make winter really extra super scary and close in on an ever-contracting circle in the middle of the map, also add the game to steam and instead of crafting items with dropped or gathered items you win matches to get funbucks and with the funbucks you buy crates and in them are shirts and hats and stuff
  13. I saw this post yesterday and I wasn't sure if I should reply or not. I never knew Obs in Crowfall, but I know I fought against him in Shadowbane. I decided nothing could be worse than nothing so here I am. I lost my mother to cancer fairly recently, and it was a fairly transformative event in my life, even still I can't begin to understand what his friends and family are going through. I'm so sorry for your loss, and I hope with time you can look back on the good he did and the community he worked to build with tears of joy and not sadness. Anyway I know none of us can really do anything to make a real difference for those experiencing the loss in a situation like this, but I hate feeling like I am doing nothing, so I made a $100 donation to the Canadian Cancer Institute in Obs' name (I set the "In Memory of" field to Obs and sent it with a message to support@artcraftent.com), and until I run out of VIP tokens I'll transfer one VIP token to anyone who donates more than $10 to their local cancer institute and does the same. (Once/If Pann sends me the list)
  14. is it against the TOS to send unrequested guild invites, and in a related question does anyone know if there is a hard limit on the number of outstanding guild invites you can have? thanks in advance
  15. You sure can! All are welcome in the swarm!
  16. Once things are rolling it'll probably be whatever. For now I'll probably be scheduling most events for NA time. Most of the people playing so far are NA.
  17. maybe they're trying to build a base of approach-ability for new players before they fire off the sick-ass marketing campaign that floods us with players it's like the calm before the storm they're giving us cozy graphics settings to stay warm with over those cold January days actually maybe Jack was the only one working over the holidays which is why we got this post Jack are you okay we love you
  18. but you're an investor backing the game dont you care about our opinions i care about your opinion also my take on the situation is that like. look okay the game is gonna let you buy gold, officially. that's basically a done deal, the boat has sailed the pack has pigged whatever. but how much is that gold really gonna buy you/??? can it buy you happiness? no I really doubt it, only you can bring yourself happiness, okay. plus like. are people gonna bring VIP tokens into the campaign worlds n trade them? can you even do that? that seems like a good question actually can you bring vip tokens into campaign worlds? cause if you cannot, then all you can do is trade for poorly made socks in your EKs, and really what are you gonna buy that truly matters, maybe like a fancy chair, or like pay some guinecian EK prostitute for a couple hours or something, but none of that carries with you to the campaign worlds, probably. I mean. I guess we don't really know yet in closing it's really hard to say what being able to pay to win cash shop loot boxes will do to the in-game economy / gameplay because there's no game yet I think it'll be alright though
  19. happy new years all, sorry about the slow invites. I hope y'all had a great time, and that you're looking forward to the new year with warm hearts and hope for good things I wasn't expecting interest over the holidays, as I figured things would be quiet. glad to have been wrong assuming everyone accepts the invites, Sorner makes 5 people (not counting KP, since she exempted herself) which means half the 'oldest member' spots (again, assuming noone leaves) are still available im still really hung over, and going back to bed
  20. Welcome to the guild, friend! You're our first member, I think! (I had one other person PM me but I think they left)
  21. Absolutely! Spies are 100% welcome! They just need to be backers in good standing.
  22. Added an additional contest! I'll be giving away another 15 VIP Tokens to guildmembers picked at random! It occurred to me that I wasn't really properly rewarding joining the guild then never showing up to any events or posting. I also added a short FAQ that I hope should answer some questions that people might have.
  23. I personally played on Death at launch (and a bit in beta, but I forget the server names), then later on Test, but I know War had some good times! Wanna play with that VIP status FOR FREE? Join Goon Squad! We're not very active yet (really, who is?) but we're aiming high!
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