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  1. That's a good idea. We should all make alt accounts and start making terrible suggestions.
  2. Both carebear and hardcore get replaced with an animated gif that switches between the two phrases once every minute.
  3. Must suck having your great introduction to the crowfall community being a thread filled with being unconstructive angsty teenagers.
  4. My favorite was a totally cosmetic bug I used to win a bane against a guild that could have easily won it. (It was test, so the numbers were small on both sides) There was, for a long-ass time, a bug that would make your character appear to teleport forward if you changed gear while running. Your character would actually be where they were supposed to, but to everyone else, you'd look like you were fifty feet ahead or whatever. So, during a bane, I talked heavy poorly made socks and told the defenders that they may as well just log off, because they were going to lose. They laughed it off, until I 'teleported' through their walls, and sat in the middle of their group and said hello. Obviously because I was still outside the walls, I was untargetable, but as far as they were concerned, I was a teleporting, untargetable hacker. They all logged off. I think they might have quit the game after that.
  5. More like the question of how many passive training character slots you can afford to buy. Yknow, I just thought about it. They're gonna have money on demand if characters are as specialized as Shadowbane. We're all gonna need like 3 slots minimum, probably more.
  6. I was an officer in Silent Tribe at the time, and I remember it being absolutely nuts that night. That whole guild was nuts to be part of. I regret that I kinda stopped playing after that siege. I wish I'd filmed it or taken screenshots, too. Years later, I only half-remember it, and almost everyone still around was on the other side of the fight.
  7. I'm sure combat will be far too involved for a single bot to be any threat to a player. But what about 100? What about 500? Even if they do nothing but move to locations, stuff up holes in the walls, and attack in front of them, they'd be a significant force when combined with actual players.
  8. Any thoughts yet on what race/faction you're going to back, assuming the Archetypes we've seen thusfar are all we're getting?
  9. I'd be more worried about people using bots to inflate numbers and win sieges, than I would about people using them to gather.
  10. Roll one on an RP server, and start checking the back rooms of Inns. You'll find some eventually.
  11. Maybe the Female Centaur was chosen as a stretch goal not to appeal specifically to this new demographic, but because it was one people were asking for, one that doesn't really impact the lore, and was an easy enough race to make that they were comfortable promising it. Perhaps they know full well that hiring an entire additional person would allow them to add all sorts of other stuff other than Female Centaur, but they don't want to promise anything right now, because we'd string em up if they didn't deliver.
  12. I just want to know why the new Female Centaur concept doesn't have the big fuzzy hooves that the first one did. Cause fuzzy hooves rule.
  13. You are going to need to interact with other players in this game. That's the point. Want to craft? Awesome. You have two ways to get resources. Get them from players willingly, which will require you interact with guilds, gatherers, or traders. Either in the campaign, or out of it. This could involve trading with guilds in EKs, but you will need to offer something of value to them. Maybe it's whatever currency we end up with. Perhaps it's EK design work. Perhaps it's crafting them a cosmetic item in the EK so they can show off during the next campaign. Perhaps you offer your time, and you agree to act as a guild crafter for a campaign, in exchange for a cut of the spoils after. Get them from players unwillingly, which will require you to play The Game. You will need to form allegiances and strategies to capture resources, hold them, and bring them out of the campaign, if you care about that. Maybe you just want to craft in the context of an ongoing war, or maybe you just like the challenge of building a trade empire more than running said empire.
  14. Here's a crazy idea: Create a ranking list of EK's based on resources, player count, etc. Allow guilds a one-time ability to disable the ability to get invaded. Once it's on, it's permanent. If you set it, you dissapear from the primary ranking list, and appear on a secondary list of happy time no fighting RP hangout circles, and become effectively removed from the political game outside of the campaign worlds. Then, for a boatload of resources (scaling on the amount of people), allow a guild to 'bane' EKs, allowing one-way, one-time, temporary travel. Kick the lot of them after the bane ends (one way or another), and perhaps kick players if they die.
  15. Too cheap for one, but I'll be in 2. Seconding Carebear Alliance though.
  16. Easy solution: Want to leave a campaign? If you do, you forfeit everything from that campaign, you can't go back to it, and you can't join another campaign unless you do so nude, for 48 hours. Also you can't get victory points for a week, and you get a big red forum title.
  17. This is actually a pretty solid idea. If the ability to get past the walls was limited to specialist archetypes, then you'd still need to bust down the walls to get the heavier troops through. Would make race-limited campaigns a lot more interesting, too.
  18. I'm posting this from work, and I just told my boss I was taking tomorrow off. True story.
  19. The main concern I would have with the ability to easily make tunnels like that is that it could potentially make walls pointless, and change siege warfare significantly. I could totally see an invading force digging under walls during a siege being awesome, but having it require time and serious effort (to give the defenders time to react) might make more sense. Perhaps you can tunnel, but it requires time, and you have to do something with all the dirt. (Pile it up outside the tunnel, or haul it away on carts or something.)
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