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  1. Mods should totally convert this post into a poll: What should go Into The Trash: The Suggestion Box This Thread Then let the forum decide.
  2. Oh my gosh, I got replies. I was expecting this thing to sink off into Crowfall Suggestion Forum Oblivion. So, I'm gonna be honest here. It was like 2am when I made the original post, so it was all kind of hazy. This post is.. Also being made at 2am, so I expect it to go about the same. I love you all for replying to my thread though. I wish I had cookies. The core reason I think the doohickey is a cool idea, is because it takes the concepts of Crowfall that are familiar to the players of the two genres it touches, and presents it to them in ways they will find familiar. The players th
  3. Oh my gosh I hope he plays Crowfall
  4. For those of you who don't want to read a four-thousand word essay on tactical intelligence and how it applies to Crowfall, feel free to skip to "My Suggestion". Before I start, I want to define a few terms so things don't get too confusing: "Units" will refer to both the units controlled by a player in a strategy game "Players" refers to an actual individual player sitting in a chair playing the game "Commanders" will refer to any individual controlling either a group of units, or players "Guilds" will be used to refer to any organized entity undergoing strategic operations within a campa
  5. I don't see what all the buggering is about. This is custarding awesome. I can't wait until the forum warrioring really kicks in at launch, and you see people really acting like unpleasant persons to eachother.
  6. I love you guys. I was an officer in Silent Tribe on Shadowbane/Death for a while, and did a lot of forum warrioring against you lot because it was hilarious. (I think I was TenBux on the forum back then? I remember the name I used was really stupid, but I can't go back and look since the forums are gone.) In hindsight I wish I'd tried to defect, rather than just quitting. I never really liked Sinbad, and he had no real direction to the guild other than 'recruit and ally'. Leading part of the zerg was fun though. Right up until I finally saw the writing on the wall when we *barely* won the
  7. I want to RP someone who snuck a character with a lazy 'village attacked by bandits' or something backstory into an RP guild, but who is, in all actuality, funnelling intel and equipment to some other guild. Are there likely to be any opportunities for me to RP someone like this in your guild? I am a serious method-RPer, and promise to stay totally in character at all times!
  8. I love that we almost have two crystallized groups of people who somehow believe this character was made to appeal to a group they hate seeing stuff appeal to, but at the same time is like. One change away from being a cool character concept. One group seems to think it's basically 'kill all men' in the purest form, and thus will be a huge hit amongst the "radical feminists taking over gaming". Or, I mean. It would have if they made her less sexy. Or made her like a minority wearing practical armor or something. The other camp feels it's just yet another another physically strong chara
  9. Starting this thread was like forum PvP, which is kind of ironic if you think about it.
  10. They should launch a world following these rules (Rep systems and NPCs with factions to enforce said rep system , I guess? I dunno, I didn't actually read the thread), at the same time as a world that punishes you for *not* killing people. Make a three month long campaign where new characters / (nude) transfers in are only allowed for the first week, then every week after that, the 25% of players with the fewest (unique) player kills are kicked off the server.
  11. What we need is a marketing campaign targetted at communities made up primarily of alpha males. Can you suggest any?
  12. Crowfall: Throne War/Baby Killing Simulator. Honestly I think we should explore this baby killing angle more. How could it be implemented into gameplay? Perhaps babies could be used as a resource, and factions could fight over them. Perhaps babies could be used as thralls for crafting? I remember an MMO that was in development that was going to allow babies as siege weapon projectiles. The possibilities are endless! Someone should start a suggestion box thread so we can discuss this fascinating topic some more.
  13. I think the dupe bugs were probably not a good idea. Maybe leaving those out of Crowfall might be smart? They should make one campaign with near-infite resources though, just to bring back the old days.
  14. That's okay, I like rerolling.
  15. If anyone makes a Fae RP guild, I wanna join and play as a sex slave.
  16. One time on my scout I joined this group grinding scorpions or something outside of the big desert city (I forget the name). Anyway, I was on thief duty, and spotted one kinda just chillin' out at what he probably thought was the edge of my detection range. Rather than attack him, I whispered him. He was a super nice guy, and we got to chatting, and decided that we could both make a killing if I looked the other way as he robbed my party members blind. So he did. Over the course of a couple hours. There was a lot of 'what the hell I lost an item' near the end, and I had to walk around trying n
  17. I've never had as much fun losing as I did with Silent Tribe. I still miss the completely hogwash press releases and forum warrioring.
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