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  1. I have a question for the mods regarding adult themes in the RP subforum. There is the following in the Rules of Conduct, but it's sort of vague and given this is an in-character/roleplaying subforum I was curious if the rules were any more lax. Can we reference adult themes in a vague way in a roleplay? (They retreated together into his Inn room) How about more directly? (They spent the night rolling in the covers) Or descriptively, but not explicitly? (He spent the night Inn her) Just trying to figure out where the line is. Thanks in advance. Some actions can result in disci
  2. Hi.

    A Humane End

    The tavern was busy that night, a steady din of conversation not quite drowning out the sound of the local bard's lute. The bar itself, a dark rich mahogany that was no doubt finished (Lore Note: Would there be sufficient technology for advanced wood finishings in the Crowfall universe?) to perfection long ago, sat now under a mountain of cuts, and maybe a half dozen groups of people chatting, and drinking. Down towards the end of the bar, a tall woman hid under a dark cloak, drinking what looked to be water out of a large stein. She glanced around subtly, suspiciously watching anyone wh
  3. nudity is not deviant friend
  4. I'd like to hear more about your deviance as described in your recruitment post thanks in advance Hi
  5. you glorious bastards edit: wtf when did J. Todd grow a beard
  6. As someone who tends to jump constantly while playing 1st/3rd person games, I want to wholeheartedly come out against jumping costing food points everything else sounds cool though
  7. This game is really fun What server should I play on
  8. Hello, and welcome to the forums! If you have any questions about the game, please check the FAQ, or post it in the community question and answer forum. I hope you have a good time in Crowfall!
  9. You probably could have described the concept at a high-level with your post, just so people didn't *have* go to read a long dry article about another game in order to understand what your thread was about. It would have made your thread much more readable, and just all around cooler! Perhaps something like: CCP (the creators of EVE) recently announced a system (Details here) which allows players with excess skill points to siphon them off into items, which can then be traded and used by other players to instantly train skills. (with diminishing returns, depending on total skillpoints!
  10. This is awesome! Gordon should get a promotion for all his hard work, IMO.
  11. I totally don't have the time or money this month to do something for this, but I just wanted to say I love you for doing this. You're the best, whoever organized this.
  12. I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with how quickly this has ended up in a playable state. I'm pumped to see where we go from here.
  13. Wow, that's way more UI customization than I expected to see this early. Wicked!
  14. Not everyone has to have a perfect build! Half the fun of Shadowbane was trying to come up with crazy builds, even if not all of them ended up totally viable. I for one hope that we have a similar level of build diversity in Crowfall. (Though I'm not holding my breath on that one!)
  15. That's cool! What classes did you play, and which were your fav? I played Scout at first, but I think my Doomie had the most playtime. I liked that I could fly forever with the stamina taps!
  16. What's your favorite Shadowbane memory, VN?
  17. one time in shadowbane my guild was doing that big gate area thing in oblivion (I don't remember the area but I remember it had a gate, and really good xp), and I wanted to join up. they told me they didn't have a summoner, so I had to run there (it took forever), but when I got there it turns out they did have a summoner, they just wanted to make me run. the end
  18. The cutie pie with the red (well, pink) head is Gordon Walton, he's the Executive Producer!
  19. Thanks for the free mailing list of people interested in Crowfall, Hunter! Edit: I demand an extra shirt for this egregious breach of my privacy. Can it say "I got my email leaked and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt" with the Crowfall logo on the back?
  20. There's an RP forum, but it's pretty dead. Once the game is actually a game, I imagine there will be lots of EKs in which to guzzle gallons of virtual coffee or what have you.
  21. Boring mechanics or not, The Shatterer still rules
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