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  1. I just really like the idea of being able to be 'in' a room in my EK. You could walk around it, and you'd actually be walking around it. You could wave at your friends and stuff and your avatar could wave with you. VR is the best.
  2. I'd argue that including some degree of motion control is part of properly implementing VR support. Otherwise it's just a big monitor strapped to your head, and you play with a 360 controller or w/e, and that's nowhere near as cool as going 'woosh woosh' and swinging your sword (or your cups or something in your EK).
  3. I really hope they add Motion Controls on top of the basic rendering stuff. Being able to reach behind my back to pull out an arrow, or swing a controller of some sort around in the air* to swing my sword would be rad as heck. *After making sure my wrist strap is secured around my wrist.
  4. Hello Friends, Some of you may have heard that Steam VR is designed with the player being able to move around a set area, up to the size of a small room. So like you can walk across the room, and your avatar walks across his room. Combined with motion tracking or simply motion-sensitive controllers in each hand, you can interact with stuff in the game very naturally. Very cool stuff. Anyway I think they should have the EK VR support that so we can move around our EK rooms and move cups or whatever. Thanks for reading.
  5. that reminds me has anyone asked if E-Prostitution is against the ToS yet
  6. I have 574 games on steam I think I've played maybe 20 of them so needless to say I bought more
  7. It's been a really long time since I played Shadowbane but Aerynth was my original haunt who else is playing
  8. I'm saying that this bit: Sounds like you're encouraging all the SB people to get together and be jerks, which seems totally unnecessary, and not very nice!
  9. These would make some interesting Advantages / Disadvantages. Forced CC would be a heck of a big disadvantage though, might be more of a power swing than they want to go for. (The traits in Shadowbane at creation were pretty minor, and used the same system. ACE might want to mix that up though, who knows!)
  10. I could totally see them doing that for keeps, given they'll probably be fairly common buildings. Plus it'd work really well for the god's war campaigns, since each side could be locked to thematic buildings.
  11. Yeah but you can't show off your cool sword n' stuff in slack.
  12. Don't get me wrong, I think the next two stretch goals are awesome, and I sincerely hope we get them. But do we really need to be jerks about it?
  13. More like the super cool place where you can go to hang out with all your friends.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  15. Oh I guess you gotta log off too. Just make a last post then log off
  16. If you really want to quit, do this: Change your recovery email to null@example.com Change your password to something random. Copy a string of gibberish to the clipboard, paste it, then copy something else Go outside
  17. Hi.


    I really like waffles but it's hard to beat a rooti tooti fresh n frooti
  18. Pann, can we have 'Socksposter' as a user-selectable title Have one of those shiny new mods do it
  19. People aren't posting nonsense to inflate their post count, they're posting nonsense because they like posting
  20. I wanna see a crossover between pitch perfect and mad max
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