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  1. you can tell it's an adult because of the cutie mark
  2. Paying into a campaign is a good idea for tournament of champions style campaigns, or potentially for user-made campaigns, but it probably wouldn't make a significant dent on the multi-boxing front.
  3. creating goonbucks would legitimately be a great idea
  4. I don't really root for a specific team, but I'd like to see EG win just cause.
  5. I.. I actually like this idea a lot. It would just require an optional maker's mark for coins. Given that other crafted items will probably have it, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch.
  6. That's weird to think that we could have bumped into eachother randomly, and now here we are. Did you cosplay or anything? Are you going this year?
  7. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/6977-top-5-most-well-liked-threads/ this one's my fav
  8. I went to ti4 last year and it was a lot of fun. It conflicts with another event for me this year, which is kind of a bummer. I'll still watch as many games as I can live though. There are local bars that play the games here which is neat. anyway thanks for reading my post have a nice day
  9. also how come we can't have animated gif avatars
  10. Your post was better pre edit imo
  11. Friend you're going to have a bad time on these forums, I think.
  12. Apostrophes replace things You All Y' All Y'All It Is It 's It's Mo Money Mo ' Problems
  13. So I clicked full site on the mobile client and now I'm stuck with it on my phone. How do I revert?
  14. You know, you don't have to highlight a post to quote it. You can just click quote, and it'll quote the entire post.
  15. I like the idea of large groups being easier to detect from a distance than small groups. The devs have already talked about hunger zombies being attracted to sound (iirc), so we know it's going to be tracked some way.
  16. yeah but I can't use your post to get myself likes if it's sitting in my inbox
  17. Lastgirl liked my other post so I sent her a mean PM. She replied though and got me better than I got her so I am obligated to post it here.
  18. Unknown at this time! However, we do know that there will be *some* PvE, however it's primary purpose will be to encourage player conflict, or to increase the level of 'danger' in the world, rather than as a be-all-end all source of content. Meaning, large boss mobs rampaging around the world is certainly a possibility! World bosses that can be dragged to big holes in the ground probably wouldn't do much to encourage player conflict however, so I'm going to go with probably not on that front!
  19. Has anyone brought up the fact that not having players able to sustain constant healing (ie: a firehose) doesn't necessarily make healing abilities insignificant? A class who can heal a single target from 0-100% at the cost of half their own health, or one with the ability to make someone invulnerable to death for 10 seconds (long enough to get to safety), or even one with the ability to equalize health across the entire group are all examples of extremely significant, battle-changing abilities that do not fall under the 'firehose healing' concept that ACE is trying to avoid. (They're also subjectively, imo, more interesting than the ability to heal 25% of someone's health every 2.5 seconds)
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