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  1. Wow, just wow! A 15 year old question finally answered. Thanks so much Gordon for the response(s) and I think you just made a customer right there. Impressive to say the least. I was the the sheep, always was and got my ass smeared on the ground the whole time I played UO. I hated pvp at it's core. But I loved being a crafter and establishing/running my business (please, please, npc vendors). It was my first mmo, but Trammel changed it and I left soon after. I still look back to those days. I played WoW for a few years after and did get some enjoyment, but to be honest I have been searching for the experience I had in UO ever since. It was a love/hate relationship and the best gaming experience I have ever had. It feels like I have been on some sort of pilgrimage or something ever since. I love this thread, bz to the OP.
  2. Dev tracker

    Ooh, thanks bio.
  3. Crafting

    I hear alot of folks talk about play with consequences. I would like to a see a resource system(and a broader crafting system) based on how well the game as a whole prospers. The basic idea is the more players that are playing the game total, and to a lesser extent how many play on a particular server, helps determine what resources spawn. Maybe in the beginning we have copper, tin, and iron for resources. If the game grows, then maybe silver would start spawning. If it grows bigger, then mithril would start spawning...yada yada. That way as the game grows in popularity stronger weapons, armor, spells could be discovered and introduced into the game. If the population starts dieing off, then the rarer resources would become more and more rarer to the point that they could completely quit spawning. This would allow for 'golden ages' to occur in the game, as well as era's of depression(?) to occur. Some form of durability could be introduced so peeps couldn't hoard vast quantities of rarer resources for prolonged periods. This would allow for legendary types to be in the game, say for instance, mithril was no longer spawning, but for awhile a few peeps would have a mithril sword of vanquising or gold pedestal of potion making. The reason I like this is because it puts another layer of accountability in pvp actions. Yeh, it's fun to destroy your enemies kind of thing, but if your actions are actually making folks quit the game, who is actually winning? So, yeh, being an asshat to a miner might be cool to alot of folks, but if its done for prolonged periods of time that large portions of the gaming population are quiting, then it's not so cool. And, there should be real consequences for those actions. Now you have to fight with bronze swords instead of iron swords because you thought it so cool to run everyone off your server. So, now there's a balancing act everyone has to play to get better stuff and taking personal responsibily in promoting the game for the betterment of everyone, including you.
  4. Dev tracker

    Anyway we can get a dev tracker? Would love to be able to read all these threads and be able to keep up with dev responses, but just don't have enough time. Thanks!
  5. Nice, I switch mine to WSDF. Makes fighting with movement more flexible imo. My fingers get jammed up more using WASD.
  6. What beta group are you in?

    #3 Hopefully with the number of groups they are going to do a rotation thing to start and doesn't signify that many beta testing periods where they incrementally add more players as the server can handle them.
  7. Early Access Package?

    Definitely would need more information to put money down. As they said, this is not a game for everyone and that might include me. I expect to get that kind of information over the next couple months, but there is one thing that will still hamper my decision and that is my rural internet connection. I max out at about 2.5 Mbps. This might be the greatest game EVAR, but if it is laggy the fun factor really drops. I surely hope there will some form of test drive before having to make a financial decision. Due to crowd funding fatigue, my new year resolution and motto is; If a developer doesn't believe in a game enough to put their money where their mouth is with a test drive, why should I believe in the game enough to give money?