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  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/ArbitraryExuberantGarageBlargNaut
  2. improvise thats my advice m8.
  3. haha w8 until u get into a real fight with fpsreapers
  4. nice change with the recent patch they added derpy-blind-eyes and 1 earing to the female centaur exactly what i was looking for and not dergs fx
  5. Ability "slow demise" both attacks from poisoner have no animation
  6. Ability "Onslaught" knight combo, the cooldown timer does not show on the popup only in the hotbar. you can press the skill but ofc nothing happens cuz its on cd
  7. Ability "Impale" from the dirge duelist does no DoT dmg at all only direct dmg. also the healing from "redirect pain" talent is worthless u get ~100hp when u apply the buff and ~100hp when the buff runs out. worthless
  8. Knight ability "Pursuit" at the end of the charge character is "stuck" animation locked for like 0.5 - 1 second. i hope this is a bug and not a change of game design. on live server this ability does not animation lock/stun u at the end
  9. elken racial ability "Head Butt" seems to not work properly when zigzagging towards a target and/or when u do a turn to try hit a target. only works fine when u charge straight to your target. im aware of the 20m run and 7m attack range. also why does this skill say "rectangle"? shouldnt it be a cone attack?
  10. Knight secutor talent: oath of protection is not working you drain stamina at the same rate without or without talent buff
  11. elken got the wrong race icon on the character screen (minotaur)
  12. the minors that got removed were a way to strong/broken if u end up with a discipline 95% of all builds gonna include smth is wrong make meaningful choices now, and yes that means some builds "arent as viable anymore"
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