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  1. why have a hungersystem in the first place if you tune it down so much now that we dont rly need to pay attention to it?
  2. crafted advanced weapons will not show the correct damage within a trade window. it shows a lower value, maybe the "standard" without pips or smth??
  3. timber/ingots/boulders only stack up to 10 now. not in the patchnotes = bug?
  4. does this mean u working on inventory system soon?
  5. y u quit mo so early^
  6. pretty much what u said, lets hope they figure it out and i come from mortal online there also - ppl used most common gear medium/low rarity and only for sieges expensive/rare stuff was beeing used. losing a white/green set even know shouldnt hurt anyone imo, ^jewelery might be a bit annoying but its never a must have^
  7. with the current crafting system might be difficult but i demand full loot preferably 100% full loot
  8. u cant switch abilites which are on cooldown
  9. godsreach vendor has different prices for the same item on the noobvendor, see below
  10. still waiting for a fix on the non visible ground targeting circles on almost all major discipline spells such as naiad/dryad root and orbs etc
  11. that bug good sir always has happend if u open up on a mob with a root. it basicly "resets" the mob if u pull with a root ability
  12. ground target spells such as naiad "Grasping Roots" and "Fountain of Life" dont show ground circle before putting the spell at the location banshee "Haunt" still does not cause any healing
  13. in 5.8.6 and previous u already drained stam by simply holding the sprintkey without any other movement key so thats either a ongoing bug or intentional imo
  14. https://vimeo.com/331743211 keep defense on 21/04/2019 outnumbered
  15. the end of the spirit bank boxes are not within the window you spawn again with 40g death animation of the spider plays in super speed bandage animation plays for 18s instead of 10s starterzone: orange lightsphere isnt coming up from the portal its in a random location and seems to be moving to a new location every idk 20-30s sometimes you spawn under the terrain(stairs) after exiting starterzone, can simply walk out ho relogging turns your gear and weapon invisible (still get stats, wep skills dont work) requipping fixes this and turns your disciplines yellow(disabled) and removes their abilities templar "censure" now drops u straight to the ground after the 20m, is this intended? wasnt like that before templar "brilliance(ultimate)" can still be placed in harvest tray nethari templar doesnt have his pip ui, u still get pips and drain them but can only see them in character sheet
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