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  1. the minors that got removed were a way to strong/broken if u end up with a discipline 95% of all builds gonna include smth is wrong make meaningful choices now, and yes that means some builds "arent as viable anymore"
  2. knights combo ability "onslaught" cant be used says not enough energy tho i have max energy also knight block HUD not charging up when blocking only the shield symbol is pulsing when i take dmg .jpg satyr confessors tornados dont knock up just used the runeportal in godsreach and got the old blackscreen (day/night circle) bug, zoning and recalling or reloging doesnt fix it have to wait for daytime change. its daytime now and i still have blackscreen after multiple relogs. also tried loging in other toon same blackscreen. restarting client fixed it
  3. like how the screenshots show ppl without helmets to show the non existing variety in helmets+hair
  4. there was so much stuff changed also loads of old "overtuned" items still around... we need to test early game with all changes also, because this game is having more resets/earlygame phases on campaigns u know. this is the game concept.
  5. why have a hungersystem in the first place if you tune it down so much now that we dont rly need to pay attention to it?
  6. crafted advanced weapons will not show the correct damage within a trade window. it shows a lower value, maybe the "standard" without pips or smth??
  7. timber/ingots/boulders only stack up to 10 now. not in the patchnotes = bug?
  8. does this mean u working on inventory system soon?
  9. pretty much what u said, lets hope they figure it out and i come from mortal online there also - ppl used most common gear medium/low rarity and only for sieges expensive/rare stuff was beeing used. losing a white/green set even know shouldnt hurt anyone imo, ^jewelery might be a bit annoying but its never a must have^
  10. with the current crafting system might be difficult but i demand full loot preferably 100% full loot
  11. godsreach vendor has different prices for the same item on the noobvendor, see below
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