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  1. but where do i see the specific stat in details under combat i cant find it.... and there has to or should be a stat where we can see if its actually working, like retribution and thorns got a unique tooltip to look it up same should go for execute bonus dmg because at this point i trust nothing a tooltip says unless i can test/see it. with execute tho i cant rly test it because i dont even know the % or flat number increase and the damage scale is pretty high so i cant know for sure
  2. is it intended that you cant put "Holy Warrior" (Templar spell) on the survival tray anymore? @thomasblair @vkromas
  3. after further investigation i can tell you the following: the total healing amount depends on the targets current stamina. following test done on LIVE: i heal player_1 with low stamina for around 50ish per tick. i heal player_1 with full stamina (123) for around 133 per tick. player_1 has personal healing modifier: 0% i heal player_2 with low stamina for around 100ish per tick. i heal player_2 with full stamina (115) for 209 per tick. player_2 has personal healing modifier: 0% this means the high healing on dummys means they have super high stamina?! @vkromas could i get some clarification this "rehabilitation" skill? how it works or how its supposed to work suggestion: imo if its rly intended to be tied to TARGETS stamina it should heal more while target has low stamina and not the other way around.
  4. Rehabilitation still remains broken as in NOTHING changes the healing value on the spell see video proof ps. you can still put ULTIMATE in survival tray
  5. for some healing spells you changed the tooltip from "weapon damage" to "support power", compared to live. but the healing seems to be the same i tested with different quality/damage weapons. also for example rehabilitation doesnt seem to scale correctly with support power see test SS below
  6. thanks for your reply, when can we expect to test this upcoming change @vkromas
  7. i assume its the same for any 2handed related stuff like Staffs, 2h Mace, 2h Axe etc. bump @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman
  8. is it intended that twohanded weapons such as a templars great sword doesnt count as main hand weapon which means i get 0 benefits from the passives in the whole "weapons" skilltree. i have video evidence while i distribute points and check details on character sheet while reequiping my greatsword and putting points in attackpower. if this is intended its really bad because like stated twohanded weapon users will get nothing from skilling the 75% needed in "weapons" tree to advance to "melee weapon" skill tree and later into the specific "twohanded" one. @thomasblair
  9. just move more then 5meters then it will cancel the "waving" and NOT put your cd on recall. if u do a dodge roll to cancel the "waving" you WILL put recall on cd! its wierd but i tested it. ps. just relog or change zone and u got no cd on recall atm
  10. game design is to craft armor sets and not repair tool maybe with the armor/weapon decay reduce talents it will not be as bad atm u lose 2 dura every 10sec in combat tray
  11. due to crafted vessels beeing rly powerful i suggest no import from spiritbank and you need to create a new character. not sure if its possible but id suggest the easiest way to do so is wipe characters for new campaign and disable the spiritbank as a whole because most ppl will just pull their high tier resources they farmed the last few campaigns out and make a new vessel and gear. would also encourage farming resources and ganking harvesters/roaming pvp again and making using local bank more worth it (the need of transport and bank management). wiping passive skills tree? im not sure but wouldnt care much.
  12. my dark skinned half-elf druid turn white pale skinned with deathshroud debuff only way to "fix it" is to do a relog to get rid of deathshroud or use a runegate which also removes deathshroud. if i let the debuff run out normally i still remain white of skin
  13. ive mined some motherloads with my friend and we rotated" take it down "and hit the node with like 0.5-1sec in between our swings. but im not sure how to feel about it, thought we are doing something wrong because like half of our swings we see no damage number even tho the 8sec of "take it down" should for sure be still active. while i saw like -42 hits with take it down and -6 without there are still lots of "no damage" hits on the node. or is its like when i dont deal dmg my friend does? also how are drops calculated on motherloads? i assume it depends on the person who gets the hit of the destruction state? lets say i dont have gem harvesting but my friend has it, and i do the final blow on a motherload then we(i) have no chance of getting gem due to my lack of skill? or is it "group based"?
  14. within the "grave specialization" i noticed the following after following the Elven grave part. not sure if its just a tooltip issue or if its actually giving wood inventory bonus too
  15. seems like its a knock up bug then, same if u kill a mob with the knockup trap as a ranger. body is gone didnt check exp but pretty sure its the same. like fall dmg isnt rewarding a killing blow
  16. im playing as one and had a small pug siege fight yesterday seems pretty solid. the plate armor and 7k hp saved me multiple times from certain death ganks / situations. but imo dont slot the "spitting distance" passive, thats for sure
  17. i backed "CONTRIBUTOR - EARLIEST BIRD", Backer n° 1,340 but i cant find the backing date... im aware that if i didnt get an invite i probably backed after 3/17/15
  18. i agree with the able to hide / or not seeing a guild tag or name plate at all. with not showing the HP id suggest that there is some visual effect maybe armor gets bloody at x% hp? or is that to hard to code. ps. if some of u guys know "mortal online" in that game u can hide your guild tag which is pretty neat. pps. i also liked your suggestion with current hp etc. values beeing divided by 20. smaller numbers plz
  19. hopefully! i dont want tera lock on mechanic truely free shooting spells like confessor stuff with heals!
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