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  1. what are the round buttons in the lower-right corner?are those sub menu's? if you look closely the round icons are the same symbols as the creation points (demonic blood etc)
  2. i share the same opinion. tho id even prefer FPV over this locked 3rd person cam... but they said they will not change 3rd person so id like to see locked forward 3rd person cam
  3. could have that, but now that i think about it... i never look in that. its just that im not that guy who cares for high crit numbers etc. but ofc if there is like a different textstyle if u hit a shield/absorb effect target then i would use it, unless u can see that he has a shield or some sort.
  4. would be nice to have the option to turn off / hide the floating combat text in general or just specific things like: dmg dealt dmg received mana / health gained combo chains i personaly dont like all this floating text stuff, i like a clean screen your thoughts?
  5. looks good. i just hope the effects dont get to flashy, hate when i cant see *!"$! cuz all of these rainbows
  6. playing it, pretty good pretty. F2P open beta, try it out!
  7. played wow 3-4 years but only heared that name from a friend, and i never knew how he looked like. didnt care (:
  8. so u tell me spending my whole free time playing games doesnt make me a gamer only cause i dont know this guy? #baitintensifies
  9. nenju


    go and get that pokemon pvp game running!
  10. i really like that u dont have that many active skills, meaning that a regular swing will be used quite a lot too! ofc we will have some other skills from disciplines, promotions but thats fine for me. u said no cooldowns. i think thats fine, atleast for the warrior which needs to swing with LMB a lot to build up "mana" to use his abilities so he doesnt just spam the hook or w/e. i just hope that no cooldowns will work out with other classes aswell, not that one class can stunlock or smth ;>
  11. there are two different icons for the mymidon (tank)
  12. i guess the beta grp will not update yet? i redeemed my earliest bird 30$ (beta grp2) but acc still says beta grp6 will take some time i guess? until they chance it?
  13. more more moaaaeaarrr so gooood, u rock!
  14. just NO this is a freaking WoW feature... If u want to wear a certain item for swag wear it, also they could add dye and other stuff to pimp up ur armor
  15. whats wrong with it? if u like smth u gonna "wear" it. if u like a music band or smth u maybe want to wear their shirt to show others or just cuz it looks cool, same goes for forum avatars imo
  16. nenju

    Mortal Online

    just like my guild friend who plays told your friend, lock the storage then nothing will get blown to bits
  17. We won't get the Kickstarter data for two weeks, so we can't start merging pledges with accounts until then. And we have to finalize the look of the forum badges and get them integrated into the forums. Our goal is to deliver it before the end of April! check devtrackers....
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