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  1. nenju

    Mortal Online

    y go to bakti there are the most fights atm but some ppl are roaming too also like he said sieges are somewhat expensive and the big part is they need loads of preperation and annoying tasks, thats why only ppl siege if they are rly disgruntled at s1
  2. not every game is coded to have addons (which means maybe more time that ArtCraft needs to invest, to code crowfall that way) also sometimes ppl make really neat addons that are VERY usefull and that means that u "have" to use it. eitherway for what would u like an addons?
  3. keep the game in english and dont get a publisher which mostlikly will turn the game into a money-milking-cow-game
  4. does this mean u get a publisher overseas that might change smth ingame for EU? sry if i missread that post
  5. nenju

    Mortal Online

    its f2p skills locked to 60 then... see for urself. for my parts its fine (i only play mages tho)
  6. just play on full loot rules, and there will be no bots kill + loot all these bots and they will stop botting/chinafarming
  7. ofc but it depends on what buildings ur able to build without having an actual guild... maybe u need a guild to build special stuff like crafting tables to make gear? idk
  8. does this mean that if the stretch goal is not reached we only get the current archetype artwork genders? like only champion male/ranger male/ druid female?
  9. nenju

    Mortal Online

    desynch is not a big problem anymore, when was the last time u played? u always can login on f2p and check it out also i love the FPV fighting in MO
  10. lets hope that skill means playerskill (like knowing what to do when, player positioning, aiming etc.) and not Skill as in Archetype/class skills BANG AoE/STUN/CC
  11. plz do that one element from tera, were u can NOT have a free look (like u need to turn 180° to look behind u and not just move the camera) constant front camera or w/e u call such a feature
  12. lets just hope that speed isnt king in this game. im playing mortal online, in this game speed is king. there is only a few viable races cuz the others are just to slow for pvp
  13. very positive! this is not WoW where u can have a dwarf shaman or gnome priest! like wtf certain races have certain special archetypes or u want to be an elvish archemage as an orc or smth?
  14. just get a friend who has a credit card one of my guild mates has one, i just sent him my money via paypal and he logged into my kickstarter and payed with his creditcard (:
  15. this, publisher tend to be bad for a game imo
  16. i know but i doubt its gonna be cheap
  17. numerical beta grp selection confirmed .... GG with my 6
  18. sounds good if its not overpriced
  19. i assume u will be able to use different weapons with each archetype like on one concept art the knight is dual wielding 1h swords and the other concept art which came with the archetype had a shield+1h sword + bow but id hope to see that everyone is able to equip every weapon, atleast melee wep (no wizard stuff on knight ofc hehe)
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