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  1. So Sb players this game worth it or is it crap?
  2. Games about to get Toxic!

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    2. cyjax


      Zergs don't exist yet in Crowfall.  No one guild has more than 30 active players, of which no more than 4-5 groups max on, even at peak keep siege time.  HoA is rebuilt from the ground up, only 2-3 people who actually came from Shadowbane, most the players are from other games.  I forgot to mention Sugoi is a weeb guild lmao.  You will have to channel your inner Goku Gotti if you join those weebs lol.  At any rate I hope you stick around, whether we are opposing each other or allied, doesn't matter to me either way.  As for the Elf fetish thing, HoA feels more like Undaunted culture than some strict RP culture.  Most of us dig on Soulein's elf fetish on a nightly basis, that's part of the fun lmao.

    3. jongotti


      G2g at this point we are not going to join any of the big guilds might just make are own dont know yet....The legion im in atm Toxicity is a toxic ass bunch of guys we have had more ban's then any legion currently in Aion...dev's made us change are legion name twice so far and has renamed all are toons at one point...poorly made socks is like a big running joke now to see how many bans we can get.....and 30 vs 10 is a zerg i would say, not to mention put 2-3 of them guilds on one faction and its gg....last time i ran with udl we had to keep running because balance had 3 times are numbers....dont know what happen to being competitive in games like this....if one faction has 1-2 big guilds and your a big guild then you should go to the other faction poorly made socks is dumb to pile on one side. custard weeb's we got one of them in a legion dude weird as custard but can pvp so whatever.......

    4. jongotti


      so ya this game is going to be a no go for us atm man just not a game yet but 3 of us have bought it and will be in and out from time to time to see what they are doing to it hope they add alot more....atm its just a real bad version of GW2 WvWvW.   Also i stream abit so here is a link https://www.twitch.tv/toxic_gotti  so have some fun man stay healthy and ill see you around. 

  3. FF should be in the game IMO, adds more to the pvp, gvg.
  4. Ill just leave this here...... http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/World_versus_World_ranking looks like you guys are 21st now must be cuz you guys left right...?
  5. ??????.....are you takeing credit for the whole GW2 server there?? and that must be real old cuz black gate has Dominated wvwvw for a long time now, maybe you think i have not played the game or someting but no one guild can take credit for the whole server......
  6. You guys makeing post alot so maybe im now a semi forum troll......lol.......... Never herd of condemned but I’m not big in PVE, only played rift for like a week cuz I thought it was crap game, GW2 I’ve played a lot and never herd of you guys, but I was on Dragon brand server…so could be why, Star wars I played for like a month PvP was good! But I just could not get in to it probably cuz I was still into GW2, and for WoW I levled a rouge, and monk to 90 threw pvp and that’s about it for that game only so many BG I can do…..poorly made socks got old.
  7. I’m not a forums troll so not going to sit here and type them all out, so I’ll just name a few and DF is not one of them, I never got around to playing that game. Aion we started in KEG then merged with Focused and was number one on Siel server , From there we went to Tera same guild Focused, then I want to GW2 with a group of SB guys Slaughterhouse guild as well as many others because it is a RVRVR game. I did not get fraps tell end of Tera so no Vids from Tera but here is a link to vids I do have, most from GW2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBilEiDVBxs&index=21&list=LLc3Rp1A
  8. All the SB players that I have played with from the start of the game, have played just about every single PVP oriented game that has come out, Action based or not. SB players have been the best PVPers in every single game I have played and I have played just about all of them. Action base does not change the skill level, all it does is make players less lazy.
  9. Agreed...no matter what people think of CN, they truly played to CRUSH!
  10. Foregive him......he know's not what he ask.....LMFAO ya right BURN THEM ALL.
  11. Shadowbane guilds going to dominate this game? .........Does Spooney love the %+@!$#?&*^ i think so!
  12. Sure meet me on RoC and we can shake hands .
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