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    severalknapkins reacted to Metalingus in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    i) Visual - when harvesting an object (tree, node, stone, etc) the red bar sometimes flashes as being full.
    ii) Was told server was being restarted and asked to log out and wait. I logged out to lobby, then it logged me back in with another character on I assume the first server in the list, and instead of completing the loading, the screen went white.
    iii) Crafted an item, hovered over it in inventory to bring up the information box, but cuts off the top section. Is there a way to make the top of the box align with the top of the screen?
    iv) Hold F to loot - why is this still in? :'(
    v) Chicken tickers vs availability of food - Food seems quite scarce while the chicken tickers seem to drop at a faster than ideal rate.
    vi) Hotkey J for crafting didn't work at the start.
    vii) Targeting reticle for harvesting - as well as distance, can we get what we're looking at? Wood, ore, stone, etc?
    viii) Animations and sound get de-synced sometimes... might be lag, but it's not consistent.
    ix) Chat auto jumps to the newest message if you're trying to scroll up. But sometimes doesn't jump to the newest and you wonder why no one is saying anything. Can you make the slider slightly darker ingame (contrast in lobby is fine).
    x) Autoconnecting a character has to stop... it's kind of annoying and hasn't worked the last 4 times it's done it to me, resulting in Alt+F4ing and re-running the client
    xi) White full screen flash when crafting aggravates my migraine.
    xii) Mobs never lose aggro
    xiii) Perma knock down by guinea pigs and as a guinea pig... is it supposed to be a thing?
    xiv) Invisible stones and ores.
    xv) Character deletion confirmation was removed... can we get it put back in?
    xvi) Sydney server... when do we get to see it?
    xvii) Crafting interface seemed slow, with buttons requiring a firm click. Not sure if lag or not (constantly 200+ ping, see above comment re: Sydney server)
    xviii) Roasting of pine cones... 10seconds plus crafting window interaction for 2 pine cones... maybe 5 or more?
    xix) Trading... still not in, kind of seems a big deal.
    xx) Still no warning when you're taking damage while you have a full screen window open (crafting).
    xxi) Want to mention again an idea I had a couple weeks ago... I know it's controversial and you're wanting to test a lot of things without being too restrictive... the idea is this: have small safe areas (POIs, camps, maybe the keep?), and allow people to sit in there an craft. This would create focal points for crafters to do their thing, they would be able to team up with harvesters (be it the traditional find a node, harvest, return, etc and the PvP version of finding someone to kill and loot and return). Harvesters harvest, crafters craft, experiment more safely and further into trees (like armour plating and such like). This will also cause harvesters to require protection and get a system of some sort going allowing the same testing to continue at a better rate.
    xxii) On the whole, I've played with a few character this time and the need to craft basic items/weapons is a bore when you're also trying to avoid being ganked. Basic armour lowers your damage and your speed, so you're easier to catch and hurt less if you stand and fight... not sure why this is or if I'm reading it wrong... But things are becoming more polished and I like it. Can't wait to see more experimentation down the line and see what gets tweaked/added in.
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    severalknapkins reacted to Healein in Crafting vs PVP   
    I feel  we just need a bank with guards or the like at the castle so crafters can store mats and kind of safely craft, tho they could still get attacked, but the npc guards could attack who ever the person who hit first is. Maybe make 1 or 2 of these places in the world for now.
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    severalknapkins reacted to Sardoni in Bad Pvp.   
    The same could be said about the creation of some thread topics
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    severalknapkins reacted to Hi. in Crowfall : Crowdfunded Or Paid Hype?   
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    severalknapkins reacted to Trynthlas in Thoughts On Vr Support   
    For the folks complaining it's a waste of time or a big sink of resources, look at it this way... 
    14.5k backers = pack pig. Woo!
    500 more than that (15k) = VR support.
    This is a very cool, very shiny thing that they can basically throw in for next to nothing in terms of dev cost.
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    severalknapkins reacted to TullyAckland in 03/19/15 - 13K Backers! New Goal Unlocked!   
    Pretty much our philosophy on the matter too. Unity makes this a relatively simple task, and it potentially opens Crowfall up to the VR community. (Thus the reason why its backer related not goal related). If the VR community likes the idea, they will show up. If not, it doesn't happen. 
    Backer goals aren't the same as Stretch goals. The two work in tandem but serve different purposes. 
    That said, Crowfall would be really amazing with VR. We have great ideas around this. 
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    severalknapkins reacted to txteclipse in 03/19/15 - 13K Backers! New Goal Unlocked!   
    The backer count goals makes perfect sense, because those goals are there to incentivise more people to back. That's why they're more flashy and less utilitarian than the primary money goals. They're meant to attract backers.
    The primary goals are to get the core content out and expand upon it. Getting more backers contributes to these goals as well, so it's a win-win.
    In any case, if the engine is designed for it, VR isn't actually that complicated. You just use two cameras instead of one. The 3DS and certain mobile devices have been doing it for years already.
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    severalknapkins reacted to Nazdar in Why Caravans Are Critical   
    There.  Must.  Be.  Caravans.
    With caravans, everything clicks.  You have:
    A strong sense of world - distance matters! A decoupling of players and resource movement The option of slower/faster movement speeds depending on the load A visible attack/defense point  (pushcart games are tried and true) Built in "escort quests" More strategy, politics, and everything that this game stands for  
    I've seen some concerns that caravans are not a sexy enough stretch goal.  If that is the perception, caravans need better marketing.
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    severalknapkins reacted to ren in A Vision For Competitive Gameplay In The Eternal Kingdoms   
    Statement of Problem:
    An analogy that JTC has repeatedly used is that if the Campaigns are soccer matches, the Eternal Kingdom is the soccer season.  Keeping with comparison – What about the season standings?  The playoffs?  The Championship match?  The Hall of Fame?  The reason the individual soccer games are played is to answer these questions! 
    The closest we have to addressing the question of playoff or championships is from the Campaign and Kingdom FAQ:
    Over the past two months as the clock ticked down and information was dribbled out, I was building a vision in my mind about the role of the Eternal Kingdoms.  I have to admit that the current information that we have on EK does not align with where I thought the conversation was headed.  So in the spirit of the above invitation, here is my vision for a competitive EK.
    Design Objectives:
    Within the PvP-flag and persistent structures of the EK, create a competitive macro game. Risk versus Reward to entice (not force) participation. Overarching struggle in the EK fed by resources from the Campaigns. Virtual Scoreboard for Crowfall as a whole (not just campaigns). There will be Winners and Losers.
    When the All Father of the Heavens ripped the Wyrm Eternal asunder, his spine fell from the skies and formed a massive circle. To contain the hunger, the Builders constructed a mighty structure upon the Wyrm’s spine that now gives shape to the Eternal Kingdoms.  

    Personal kingdoms are modules that aggregate to create the overall EK (in keeping with current implications from FAQ) Competitive game focused on the spinal “Ring Road” within the EK. Personal kingdoms can elect to participate in the struggle to become a “Grand Kingdom” by securing one of a limited number of places along this Ring Road. Ring Road offers prime location for real estate (See Economic Incentive below). Limited seats of power to create “King of Kings” struggle (See Status Incentive below).
    Economic Incentive:
    Risk / Reward incentive to participate. Grand Kingdoms will be at the top of any list of travel options within the EK In lieu of automated Auction House, center of trade in the Grand Kingdoms will have high visibility and therefore be frequently visited, creating the defacto first tier market place. Ring Road provides commerce network for trade of resources and finished goods through movement of caravans. Status Incentive:
    Scoreboard on Crowfall website will list current Grand Kingdom Monarchs in descending order of longevity. Scoreboard on Crowfall website will list total time spent on a Grand Kingdom throne (even if not currently seated) in descending order of longevity. Custom in-game titles and cosmetic rewards (armor, crowns, weapons) for Grand Kingdom Monarchs.
    Game Mechanic:
    Limited “Anchors” along Ring Road provide means of advancing a Kingdom World to a Grand Kingdom. All Grand Kingdoms are automatically set to +Public and +PvP. Buildings in the Anchor zone can only be constructed with resources imported from the Campaigns (No EK Kickstart structures allowed). All buildings in the Anchor zone are destructible, but are invulnerable until a siege is declared. Limited space within the Anchor Zone will force decisions balancing military needs (walls, guards) versus economic enhancements (speed buffs for caravans, increased tax bonuses, crafting stations, etc).  This is more risk versus reward gameplay.
    Siege Mechanic:
    Siege Declarations can be made by use of an object crafted from very rare resources obtained within Campaigns and as part of victory rewards.  Defender picks time within predefined window. Anchor zone (and only the anchor zone) becomes vulnerable during siege window and structures can be destroyed. Siege ends once time expires, or by capture of the Anchor itself. Victorious attacker can elect to sever the connection of the defeated Grand Kingdom from the Anchor, and replace with another Kingdom World.  
    Thoughts?  How does this compare with your vision for the Eternal Kingdoms?
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    severalknapkins reacted to headlight in Open Up Ek To Player Voxel Creations!   
    Like Landmark, go do Landmark. Keep it Crow yo
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    severalknapkins reacted to sneaky_squirrel in Why Not Just Commit To An Eternal Kingdom?   
    I think it would be more feasible to just encourage players to make their own EK look like an attractive social hub.  The EK are meant to be flexible and function as a player home, the soft players.  The Devs have strongly expressed that EK are a feature that mainly exist and function as safe haven, not a competitive environment.  Now, the EK can be pretty large (Devs have mentioned that 1 parcel represents 1 ingame acre), the EK of one player can certainly house many players inside it.
    EK can be made to function as competitive hang outs for players who wish to have other players visit their Eternal Kingdom.  In order to make these places competitive, players would have to maintain their EK status as as popular plaza by dedicating resources and materials to a sink (Which will require constant Campaigning), and have to duel challengers who wish to take their place as the player who's kingdom is the place which everyone visits.
    A single EK can become incredibly large, and EK do not require a significant size to perform their function, host social gatherings and economic centers (Events and Bazaars).  A system where players compete for hosting social gatherings on their backyard can do miles to satisfy a players' competitive needs.
    If we stitch all the EK together in a geographic map, it would be much harder for players to visit the EK of their choosing, which is not a good thing.  A system where players can compete to be top dog by hosting the most fun world would make the social hubs which are the EK fresh and always-changing.  Since the EK do not produce worthwhile resources, there is no point in limiting freedom of mobility between EK (Inside the EK, movement should be restricted, characters SHOULD walk).
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    severalknapkins reacted to crueltylizer in Female Centaurs Is Stretch Goal #1   
    The Female Centaur is really just the cherry on top of the real stretchgoal. The FX artist and hopefully a license to FX library/engine like PopCornFX.
    And that will ultimately help the game a lot. Having a person, who is working on something completely different, take over such a huge task must not only be daunting, but it takes time away from creating more characters for us.
    Eric is a great character artist, and that is really what he should be doing.
    So the stretchgoal is really to help the game and him. And as a sidebonus we get a Female Centaur. 
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    severalknapkins reacted to Kell in The Issue Is Not Campaign Permanence: We Need An Iron Throne   
    To appease the crowd wishing for the EK to have a broader meaning, it needs to find that fine line between a permanent campaign, and a reflection of the success of a guild/individual in the decaying campaigns.
    I support the EK having a broader meaning. I do not support the EK being just another place for hardcore PVP'er's to get their epeen on.
    If PVP is open in the EK, then the campaigns lose their worth. Any PVP in the EK needs to be controlled, and specific to the struggle for the Iron Throne. (if that is what such a pinnacle of power is named)
    I see what you are suggesting, I just don't yet see what the EK needs.
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    severalknapkins reacted to taroskin in The Issue Is Not Campaign Permanence: We Need An Iron Throne   
    Hello all,
    First up, thank you Todd for creating your thread on talking about campaign permanence. You can find that thread here: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3258-lets-talk-about-campaign-permanence/. Everyone here appreciates you creating that forum for talking about this issue, and appreciates that you are listening.
    I wanted to bring up something that may be overlooked and need clarified in a clear manner for Todd and the team to gather feedback from. It's obvious that the team is worried about participation in the campaigns and the image of campaigns as feedback from the hardcore and pvp crowds from several communities have pointed out a dislike of the design setup of the EK & campaigns.
    This thread is based around an attempt to clarify this issue for the team to have some feedback to work with, and in response to a post by Todd within the above thread, as I believe people aren't actually asking for that, but rather want their success to be persistent and a "measuring stick" at the very least to clearly exist as a mechanic that drives politics, rivalry, motivation to improve and fuels Campaign warring:

    It should be clearly stated: very few people are having an issue with the campaigns being temporary. This has to be said; all players including the SB crowd know that this is vital to the vision of the game and to the design of the game. We know it'll help with stagnation and making things fun in the long term. However, there could be issues with re-playability and more importantly, issues with players feeling their actions in the Campaigns are meaningless. This does not mean people want to stay in the same campaign forever. Do not take it that way, please! So what does it mean?
    It means we want our efforts and actions in the campaigns to have meaning. There is currently a perceived lack of meaning to these actions, which is unrelated to wanting to stay in one campaign forever. People want to move about the different campaigns, reset the board and try out the different rulesets. But they want their actions within those campaigns to have meaning, effect and impact. This is where the problem lies.

    Our actions within the Campaigns, and our success in those campaigns should have meaning! If the assets and things I lose in the campaigns are temporary, or largely so, then the meaning of success and risk within the game is very low, also. So we need our actions, successes and triumphs within the Campaign worlds to have more effect on the game. I want to know who is top dog. I want to know how I'm doing in comparison to my rivals. I want to have goals that I can aim to achieve. Right now, a lot of this is either greatly diminished by the temporary nature of Campaigns (which is fine), but there is no mechanic to tie it together to make my actions have real meaning.

    Most of the feedback being given is around this problem. Not campaign permanence. So how do we solve the problem? Most of the feedback in this area is about dissatisfaction with the Eternal Kingdoms from the PvP/Hardcore crowd. I realise this is a social, building, trophy area, but there is no reason it can't also give the PvP/Competitive crowd tools to have fun, compete and give the Campaigns real, tangible impact. This can't be as stringently stated as feedback because the design and vision of the game is in Todd & the team's hands, but we can give them the feedback to make such a solution from their vision:
    Where are the Thrones that matter? This is a throne war game. But the persistent game has none. Why don't Thrones exist within the EK that guilds can vie for using the power, resources and political capital they have gained within the Campaigns? This would be a true measure of success. There is NO MEASURE OF SUCCESS for competitive guilds right now. Who cares if you have an Ivory Castle. My guild has 7 by now, and 3 guys with massive kingdoms with land bought from the cash shop. We want real, competitive mechanics and political intrigue that persists through and exists above the Campaigns. If the Campaigns are the only mediums of competition, there is no measure of success and  

    Imagine the world of Game of Thrones. It's a glorious world full of backstabbing, strife and political intrigue. The rules are constantly changing and the world is, too. All of that is because of a context. He who holds the Iron Throne rules. Everything within the Game of Thrones happens because of a motivation, because of a reason, because of a context. Some people want power, some want to rule, and some want to just survive. However, there's always a measure of these things at work.
    When we come to Crowfall we could look at the Campaigns as wars within this universe. But why are we warring? The things we're warring over in the Campaign will be (mostly) lost, so what's the point? To build a fanciful cosmetic paradise in the safety of the EK? To have fine silks and rare buildings in my own little personal kingdom? So everyone is a king with equal power and risk? No. There isn't really an overarching point to it that has been revealed to us. We're warring mostly.. "just because"... and for the PvP crowd, I'm sorry - that's not enough.  We have no goal to reach, no rivals to care about and no motivation to be the best - because there just isn't a real measure of that. We need that Goal. We need that persistent motivation to best our rivals.
    We need an Iron Throne. No.. an ETERNAL THRONE.
    We need something in the Eternal Kingdoms that says, "This kingdom, this guild, or this Leader is the most successful this world has known.". We need something to stir political intrigue. To paint targets. To identify who is doing well, who your rivals are and who you need to royally screw over in the next campaign. Without this single, over-arching, binding principle, there is no weight or impact to my actions and success within the Campaigns. We need this unifying mechanic to tie all of the Campaigns together, to tie our successes to real, tangible results and to drive political intrigue, rivalry, alliances and motivation.
    We need some mechanic that uses what we accrue from our successes and failings within the Campaign worlds to boost our political capital and success in the Eternal Kingdom or an overarching Political system or within a permanent fixture mechanic within the Eternal Kingdoms (such as a Ruler System for the eternal kingdoms) that is both consensual but with meaning and risk - if you don't partake you are missing out, but if you do you are risking everything for that glory. I want to be able to CLEARLY see who is winning and who is in power. I want to be able to CLEARLY measure my own success against my rivals. I want to have MOTIVATION to do better. None of this exists to the degree necessary for the Competitive crowd.
    Without this mechanic we are stuck in an everlasting war that has no meaning, no substance, no risk and no glory. But we'll have pretty castles in the 1,000,000 personal kingdoms of the EK, I suppose. So there's that.
    EDIT: Note; the "Iron Throne" is a metaphor. It could be whatever Todd and his team decide fits in with their vision. The important part is this: a mechanic that measures and rewards success in a persistent environment (the EK) depended upon success and resources within the Campaigns, fueling political intrigue and competition.
    Thanks for reading. In closing, I would like to remind you all of the vision statement that this project presented to us. I think it ties this whole post together, and infact highlights the area of concern we all have. We don't want another meaningless trophy. We want to compete to claim the "throne" (metaphor again!). We want to play to crush.

    TL;DR: The issue with Campaigns and the design shown to us is NOT Campaign permanence. It's the feeling that success within the Campaigns has no effect on the world. There is no persistence, no measure of success, no persisting political intrigue and no fueling of wars. There is no meaning. We need a PvP/Competitive mechanic or a mechanic that measures success from the Campaigns to exist within the persistent world of the Eternal Kingdoms so that the Campaigns, and thus success in the campaigns, have meaning and importance. Without this we are just fighting an eternal war for the next cosmetic magical rainbow carp to hang in our castle. And that just won't do. We are JUST FINE with the campaigns being temporary. We ARE NOT just fine with them heaving nearly no meaning.
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    severalknapkins reacted to smilhollin in Please Take The Eternal Kingdoms Back To The Drawing Board   
    How about we actually wait for all of the information to be released before calling for massive reforms in the Crowfall world :|
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    severalknapkins reacted to Exile in Please Take The Eternal Kingdoms Back To The Drawing Board   
    Aren't you assuming alot here?  We have very little information on the game so far, not near enough to draw large conclusions.
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    severalknapkins reacted to teekey in Please Take The Eternal Kingdoms Back To The Drawing Board   
    There's a simple fix to this. They need to pair Guilds and Fealty tree.
    Next, they alter how you join the guild - by swearing allegiance to ANY member of it. So basically it's just a huge chain of Allegiance, all the way up to one person who has sworn fealty to no one. If this sounds familiar, Asheron's Call 1 & 2 had a similar system.
    After you swear Fealty to someone, your land gets added onto their Kingdom. You still own your land, but the Monarch can still tweak the rules of the overall Kingdom (as a Monarch should). When you win rewards from a campaign, you get to keep them and use them to benefit your land and your Vassal's, but a portion of them go to the person you pledged allegiance to within the Fealty tree (just like resources they receive are taxed by those above them). And when people pledge Allegiance to you, their land gets added to your domain within the Kingdom.
    This allows you to work for your own person gains (for you and your own Vassals), while still contributing to the Kingdom as a whole.
    If you get kicked out - you get to take your land - and all your Vassal's land with you. Essentially, you become the Monarch of your own Kingdom. But maybe you don't get kicked out. Maybe you outgrow your Monarch (gain more Vassals under you then they have without you) and decide to become your own King. This is where politics can get REALLY interesting.
    I know it's not your typical guild system - but it takes on that Game of Thrones flavor, where there are main Noble Houses (Monarchs) and Vassal Houses (those underneath). It also makes your social choices actually matter.
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    severalknapkins reacted to Helix in Camelot Unchained Vs. Crowfall   
    Camelot Unchained:
    Large Permanent near-seamlesss worlds. Open world pvp from the get-go. Practically no pve (outside of killing mobs for hides and stuff). Sieges. Housing / build your own little city. Strong focus on crafting. Combat / Spell / Ability system is extremely ambitious Intricate character customization (a few of these are actually similar to crowfall, especially the whole boon/bane mechanic). Cons:
    The game might look like bottom in comparison to crowfall They're building a large chunk of the engine from scratch, and that is/has set them back quite a bit in comparison to potentially CF (that has been in development for a shorter time, and will enter alpha some time this summer). They're using the old trinity system (for some this might be a positive, but I think it's a negative). A lot of the stuff they propose is very ambitious, some more so than even CF. It's hurt them in some ways I believe. 3 way faction based * (might be a plus for some).  
    Character customization seems to be intricate and extremely diverse. Action combat (camelot feels more towards the traditional side, but that might change). Many servers with different pvp rule sets. Worlds reset, so the status quo is always changing and the servers never become stagnant. Voxels (blow poorly made socks up, make poorly made socks). It's running on the Unreal 4 engine, so they're already ahead of the curve. Sieges Multi-Objective PvP. Strong emphasis on crafting, economy, and bartering. Make your own "kingdom" change the rules to how you see fit. Cons:
    Worlds reset / only semi-permanent. Multiple servers with different rulesets might fragment the community. Gender locked / race locked classes. Minimal healing (whatever this means). I'm sure there's some other stuff, but I forgot and I'm tired. Camelot had a really shaky Kickstarter. Presented half-baked (and in some cases non-existent) ideas, and had virtually nothing tangible to show that the game existed or could existed. MJ promised to put 1 million in to the game only if the kickstarter succeed (in contrast, Jtodd and Gordon have a 2+ million dollar investment / loan already in to the game, and are asking for drastically less money).
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    severalknapkins reacted to freeze in Ecosystem (Mobs And Resources)   
    extermiantion in week 1...
    I doubt that a non-respawn system is feasible
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    severalknapkins reacted to FenrisDDevil in Digging Seems A Little Op   
    I was referring to this:
    "Of course the enemy may have specialists who dig through the terrain under those tanks to get to the targets."
    As you can see below the shovel: http://crowfall.com/#/archetype/duelist , duelists are 'specialists'..
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    severalknapkins reacted to ebondrake in Digging Seems A Little Op   
    I'd wager you might still be able to keep the rats out with cement or brick walls. You just have to put them on the ground horizontally instead of vertically. We could give them a special name so people don't confuse them with vertical walls. Maybe call them, oh i duno, floors or something.
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    severalknapkins reacted to Zushakon in Digging Seems A Little Op   
    Would surprise me if not every class has the capability to pick up and use a shovel. But the stoneborn and the hamsters may be more adept at it, seems reasonable enough.
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