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  1. Only been playing a few days, but I've seen some things that don't seem right. I could be completely wrong though, so my apologies! Ranger mob's Barrage ability keeps damaging me while the mob is still shooting arrows after I've stepped out of the ground circles indicating the AoE of the ability. "Don't stand in the stupid" doesn't really make a difference here. Also, "continuation" abilities don't work about half the time. For instance, when I hit my (2) ability, it turns into 2 further choices, say (1) and (E); hitting either 1 or E does nothing. It's happened on a ranger, confessor, and champion, randomly. I could have full resources/health/stam, or be in mid-fight with stats more depleted.
  2. Yo. I played with you dudes in Darkfall; Veeshan, Weps, Chuck should/might remember me. I've redownloaded the game, looking to get into it, have no idea what I'm doing; hoping to get in with you. I mean, there's no way I can be worse at this game than I was in Darkfall, right?
  3. I'd join up, but I'm pretty sure I'd just get lost trying to find you guys. Truth told, I was wandering, searching for some Marmots of Flammability, when I found a tavern. With beer. I think I'm still drunk. Who shot that arrow?
  4. Well. I like the class/race option. I'm really diggin' the graphics. In the span of mere seconds, I'm back to being pretty excited about this again.
  5. Saw your LFG post. You might be a good fit for our guild, Seeds of War. Check us out!


    1. pinkfloyd


      Hey, Svenn, thanks for contacting me.  I was contacted by a couple other folks, but I believe I'm going to give SoW a shot.  The whole "competitive, but not at the expense of having fun" part grabbed me.  In theory, that's exactly what I'm looking for.  I should be playing a bit tonight in this weekend's testing; hope to catch up with you then!

  6. Hey you...   have a cigar...   when nobody's home...  check out sugoi
    its the thin ice of hot life...

    1. pinkfloyd


      I'm going to be careful with that axe, Eugene.  I appreciate the reply; I'm going to be hanging out with another guild to see if the fit is right.  I want to make sure I get in with a group that fits for me.  That said, should it not work out as hoped with the others, I'll surely be back in contact with you.


      Thanks again for contacting me, and have fun in this weekend's testing!

  7. $11 million - holy crap, that's fantastic. Congrats on the milestone, ACE!
  8. I like this. Simple. Only thing I would add to the equation is every time a weapon is repaired, it does less damage.
  9. Been too long since I posted here. So I'm posting here. What's up, Pax?
  10. Only if four-legged running is in. Been waiting for that since the announcement of Darkfall 2010...
  11. I like the fact that there's no NDA for these "upcoming" combat tests. Definitely have to stream those, Cyn.
  12. Please make last names available. Please.
  13. That word...I don't think it means what you think it means...
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