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  1. Shouldn't be able to see playernames of anyone not in your guild outside of temples until you kill them, ez solution to megaguilds metagaming guild caps without massive voice co-ordination or some kind of secret handshake that other players can exploit.
  2. I actually nearly died laughing when I saw that there was no protection upon zoning into or out of a gate, this is such a basic and fundamental problem to have that has existed in these kinds of games that it makes me laugh just thinking about how little effort they put into fixing it. I loaded into the dregs, walked out the gate and was immediately jumped by 2 dudes. Engaging gameplay Artcraft! I guess they already got my money.
  3. Imagine playing MMO's and not expecting server issues on the first day. I want to play too, but healthy people don't come to forums to vent hard on the developer for unforeseen tech issues you babies. Vent your anger on me it only makes me stronger.
  4. Yup, and there are only a few general options because you cannot rely on the "honour" system for people to not do it: Design the game around their existence, rendering their use unecessary. Design the game around the assumption everyone will use them, penalizing people who don't. Implement extremely invasive anti-cheat software. Its a no win situation imo.
  5. Zergs are inevitable, however there are things you can do to mitigate the advantages Zergs have. Anyone who has played Rust knows that zergs are powerful, but they also understand the limitations of zergs. The first one is Friendly Fire. Being unable to hurt your allies means you can spam attacks willy nilly. If you have the potential to damage your allies then you must take the time to differentiate between enemies and allies which gives an advantage to smaller groups because of statistics. 2 guys vs 5 guys randomly hitting each other, the smaller are statistically less likely to hit their allies and therefore the bigger group has to spend more effort in identifying friend or foe. [JUMP-CHECK] This small thing helps close the gap between big and small groups by simple mechanics. It also increases the skill ceiling[and floor] for groups because in order to work together you have to develop a cohesive relationship with your peer and strategies to mitigate friendly fire and it's consequences. The second one is friend/foe identification which ties into friendly fire. If I am easily able to identify an enemy from a distance large groups are inherently buffed. Identifying a friend should require getting close and wearing a uniform or some action in-game[E.G saying "Jump check" in voice coms and everyone jumping]. Those uniforms should also be able to be stolen in the midst of a battle which creates even more chaos for the larger group that the smaller group can exploit. I have lost track of the amount of times we would be raiding in Rust and then we all have to rip our uniforms off and go full delta force because a couple enemies stole the uniforms off our dead comrades and were shredding us from within our own group. I have also ifiltrated enemy groups by using their uniforms and psychological gameplay movement even though I wasn't in their voice communication to gain access to their base and perform espionage such as recon, theft and sabotage. There is also another disadvantage of large groups that as the group grows in size the less cohesive the relationships and familiarity between individual members are. You might be able to perform sabotage just by looking similar and behaving similar to them if they are large enough and don't have the tools to instantly and easily identify who friend and foe is. Instancing interactions between groups is absolutely not the way to go about things as the most interesting part of gameplay is unexpected and assymetric combat where the doctrine of your group and the discipline of it should decide who wins or loses. I personally prefer subtle game mechanics that directly influence player behavior[Friendly Fire, Friend or Foe identification etc.] over what I perceive to be heavy handed misguided game mechanics [Debuffs for groups, instanced combat] that are the "easy way out" solutions.
  6. Killer-Socializer. Achievement [Aquisition of in-game advancement or progression] and Exploration [Finding things and learning] are the least interesting thing I could possibly imagine in a game. I am more interested in player-player interaction whether friendly or confrontational.
  7. Having played some of the game I can certainly say that I currently think that combat is a little bit to floaty at the moment and I hope things can be tightened up for later Patches and release. Currently the main gripe I have with the combat is that it does not feel like it has weight and this is a difficult problem to solve. With regards to stuns and crowd control I would much rather just see the times on the CC scaled back slightly and give more ways for your allies to help you. E.G. why can't I cut the Minotaur's net off my allies. This would create some interesting interactions. For example one of your group get's netted and you have to decide between cutting him free or leaving him for the wolves. Or for example why can't I grab a hold of my netted friend to prevent him being pulled? This would increase interactivity and the skill ceiling imo. My main problem with CC atm is that it is unilateral. Crowd Control seems to only have one direction with no interesting ways to play around it to the point that crowd control spam has become the foundation of the combat interactions I have participated in. I would like to see them perhaps implement a "Zone of Control" system[and scale back CC duration] where when you are within a certain range of another character you are slowed and suffer damage penalties to attacking people other than those in your zone of control. I feel this would give melee classes a much stronger identity as interference[screening enemy melee from your ranged classes] tackling[getting on top of a ranged class and holding them down for your dps] and positioning. There could even be abilities implemented that extend your zone of control, or reduce an enemies, or allow you to ignore zone of control etc. etc. IDK maybe it wouldn't work but it would certainly make the combat a lot more interesting on a group level at least worth thinking about.
  8. ++ Also having the same problem. Clicking Accept or Decline does nothing useful, comepletely hijacks the website and makes it incapable of being used. Big problemo since I was hoping to participate in the test tomorrow but I can't even click on any page on the website without being Hijacked to a Travian Accept/Decline page that doesn't work. Edit: Seems to be working now.
  9. And we are giving feedback that we don't like the current implementation and why.
  10. Your guess is as good as mine. Thug life and all that.
  11. Im my opinion, you should design the most hard core cut throat world you can. Then you dial it back a bit, give some areas for casuals to have a place, make sure these areas brush up against the hardcore areas and voila, you have a vibrant world with contrast. An area where the peaceful and industrious live, with the Wild West next door where all the good stories come from occasionally causing a ruckus in their neighbourhood. The reality is, no game can be successful without appeasing both the casual sensibilities and the Hardcore in at least some way. E.G. EVE lets you choose the level of danger you subject yourself to, however it offers the Hardcore players the wild west they want, and oppurtunities for incursions into safe space: if at a cost. Wildstar appealed perfectly to the Hardcore audience, but they didn't realise that not everyone who was playing was hardcore, some of them were just looking for a decent challenge that could be overcome after a couple wipes. Thats why you let people choose the level of difficulty they are exposed to. I play RTS games on Easy, but I play TBS on the hardest mode I can. The keybis to give the player a way to choose their level of exposure to the hardcore content, I think the different rulesets might achieve some of this. Dark Souls is commonly quoted as a Hardcore game but its not really, not in the sense when you compare it to some really hard core stuff from the past. Its casual Hardcore, a tough challenge, but by no means unwinnable or unfair. Its absolutely trivial however once you've knocked around in it for a while.
  12. I want to be able to tunnel into my foes house and stab him in the arse as he does his business, rising from the toilet like a brown loch ness monster, lock eyes with the guy who's pooper I just built an extension in and say "I only need 3 minutes and fifty seconds to destroy this city"
  13. I also think that some element of environmental risk should be implemented into the game. As a world becomes more industrialised, bee populations should start to diminish aswell as the overall temperature of the world increasing while weather patterns become more chaotic.
  14. I think it would function as a great way to add a way for people with limited time, say I have 30ins before bed to play Crowfall, jumping on and knocking out a round of Hunger Dome could be great fun, additionally it could function as a permanent testing ground for future combat updates. If the HD used the actualy player EK map as the arena I could see entire EKs designed specefically for the HD. This would also give them a good way to shoe horn in some EK testing alongside HD during the development.
  15. wat? Those are petty clearly demi-humans or otherwise and get 13 stats. The Druid is a Human class and should get 12. The only human class to have 13 is a Druid hence my assumption that the druid's stats are a typo. As far as the stats being thensame I don't knownwhat to tell ya.
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