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  1. I didn't use paypal I used a credit card. I even tried my debit card and still fail. I'll contact Xsolla.
  2. OH wow thank you for the link. Very helpful. Hopefully the crafting will get better because it is indeed very complex here.
  3. Why don't we have a sub category in the forums for Race? We have one for all classes so make one races so we can discuss them.
  4. I was able to use a mace starting level but was not able to use a hammer. I don't why. I was a Human Cleric. How do we unlock using a hammer?
  5. I created two types of Druids. 1. Hybrid DPS/Healer as a Fae 2. Full Healer build as a Wood Elf When you start the game, you have no problem with essence regeneration. However, when I reached 18-20 it stopped gaining essence and I had to use my ability to gain essence in exchange for health (forgot the name of the ability). So why is that? Is it because of what we choose on our ability tree? Or is it because we are in higher level now the essence regeneration is now obsolete at a certain level? Full Healer Build = It was really hard to solo and my dps was not th
  6. Yikes all that hard work to be gone...just seems like all our efforts gone for nothing. However, I do understand the need for it. Sigh the thought of redoing all your chars you played though...and OMG the time invested in harvesting will be all gone.
  7. I have tried to purchase the game and it keeps giving me an error. I just assume we can't buy the game at this moment. I am able to play the game via closed beta, but figured why not buy the game now. https://crowfall.com/en-US/store?category=Starter Packs I'm wanting to buy the VIP Backer Pack edition. This is the error message I get. I'm guessing the game is not for sale till close beta is done with?
  8. Played from 1/07-01/09 2021 I tried crafting and the only 2 that I thought were easy was Leather Work and Weapon Building. The rest were just way to confusing for me. Then you have artifact to consider which I didn't know until I was poking around on the quest where it told me to visit the Rune vendors. I then proceeded on grinding gold till I got an advanced rune for Leatherwork. Yay! I was excited to see what I craft, but I couldn't proceed because I needed a potion that another craft genre can make (forgot the name of the potion). However, since there is no market yet (whi
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