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  1. Pretty sure projectile physics were in the original feature statements, but I'm even more sure that the original feature statements were just a bunch of empty claims.
  2. Shouldn't even exist, cloth and wood are more authentic armor materials than leather. There's a reason ages went from stone to bronze to iron... I'd rather have bone armor.
  3. Couldn't have predicted that, go figure >.>
  4. BDO already succeeded, don't know why we are suffering last last... last gens control scheme.
  5. Good to know. I'd rather they didn't focus Centaur specialties on anything but cavalry effects, since their cavalry features should be the most dramatic out of any racial distinguishments. Things like their basic access to mounted speed and power, cavalry oriented attack actions, and equestrian superiority.
  6. Nice to see another unique race. Hopefully Centaur racial disciplines will include fully functional cavalry advantages and disadvantages present with other races when the acquire mounts, having meaningful racial distinction and all.
  7. OMFG, they finally fixed... all that crap they ruined to begin with. I never liked the Archetype restriction they defaulted too when we were originally offered diverse sub archetypes, and Centaur support was always bad... always. It's about damn time. Now all we need is a cavalry class... or turn knight into a cavalry class.
  8. Makes a ton of sense, but video games don't have a rational perspective of arsenals and side arms. Realistically speaking, everyone would have a sword and dagger on their belt, and a primary weapon besides. But yeah, designers are too detached from authentic inspiration. I'd be happy if they just gave knight a sword rather than a paddle. And let's not talk about slow two handed swords, this is why they think daggers are a viable primary weapon.
  9. The simple answer is yes, shelter and feeding costs can or will increase with each character used in a campaign. Whether the solutions are applied and developed well is unknown, but it take 5 seconds to observe the solution.
  10. Shape shifting is expected to be a discipline, but I find the idea of converting the mage support into a melee fighter to be mismatched. It might be helpful to allow mages to take on physical challenges, but it's kind of broken in that they gain the opportunity to switch roles moreso than classes that are already melee fighters. Where's the limitation? Where's the consequence?
  11. My favorite stealth is in SMITE, where all characters can navigate behind you undetected because of second person viewpoint. Invisibility needs to stop being called stealth.
  12. I don't think this is up for deliberation, the Kickstarter achieved a stretch goal for combat pets, they even detailed a system of pet figurines as a method of implementation, and the ranger was shown with a pet. It's fairly certain that Rangers will have pets, likely as a promotion class feature, and some pet action may be available to other archetypes through disciplines.
  13. Even the best games can enjoy a refreshing alternative, and fishing isn't limited to poor application, but be you.
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