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  1. I hope it's possible to change the appearance of your vessels when you use them, or perhaps to use a saved master template. Say if I made a knight at the beginning of the game to look like me, I would probably grow an attachment to him. The alternative being the mass production of clones that I keep in a box
  2. I don't know if other MMOs do this, but in Guild Wars 2, one of its good (and strangely unmentioned) features is the ability to create music playlists, using music located on your computer, to listen to on your travels. Why use this and not just play your songs in iTunes or something? Well you could, but you're kinda stuck with one playlist unless you paused whatever you were doing to tab out and change it. The thing about the custom playlist was that it would select different lists depending on the mood or situation you're in. Most of the time it would play the 'ambient' list, but get in a fight and it would switch over to the 'battle' songs. Travel in a city and it would play the 'city' list. Play at night, and it would play the 'night' songs. I used it to play Street Fighter songs to get me in the fighting mood, followed by chill melodies from Hotline Miami once the game reconized that the fighting was over. Eventually, no matter how good an OST is, you WILL grow bored of it. Implementing a custom music playlist allows the tracks to feel fresh, as well as letting each player personalize a part of the game to their tastes.
  3. What about the description? Anything funny or noteworthy?
  4. Wait what It's been a month since the assassin reveal and this is the first time I noticed.
  5. ArtCraft Entertainment= ACE Did you guys think of the acronym first or did you write down ArtCraft Entertainment and think, "Oh wait a minute!" I think it's pretty neat, like in a "World of Warcraft-WOW" way
  6. There is no greater motivator than failure.Strange to say, I haven't seen a post written with such candor in a long time. For me, after reading this post, it is no longer about sitting on the sidelines, watching to see what happens, now I actually WANT this game to succeed!
  7. I am very much a proponent for the Buy-2-Play model. As I'm in college, I can't justify paying a subscription since I would be losing a tremendous amount of play time due to the work I face. If a subscription model is inevitable however, I propose that instead of offering months of subscription that tick down whether or not you are playing, you would instead pay for hours or days that only count time actually playing.
  8. I just wanted to say that I thought the term "going Alderaan" was pretty funny and that I'm going to use it to refer to campaign resets from now on. Thanks!
  9. Not having voices makes the world seem barren, even if it's full of players, but at the same time, actors are expensive and I have a feeling ArtCrart cannot drop millions on voices that players potentially skip over. What would be cool is if they had some sort of voice synthesizer that could make a fake language like in, say, Papers Please. SWTOR had alien recordings that, although I could find repeats if I listened closely enough, had enough variety that conversations rarely felt stale.
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