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  1. that still doesnt translate to post launch scenarios + population growth
  2. dude if ppl dont even siege keeps why would u think ppl would siege the castle by any chance seems like ure trying to solve a problem related to guild adm with game mechanics that are not even implemented yet
  3. I agree and i think it shouldnt be a thing outside a beta with low population with enough population handshake siege shoudlnt be a solution for any problem related to siege windows
  4. i guess u misunderstood me i ment if u have the numbers why dont just launch attacks in ppls keeps while binded at strategic points so u can defend your own keeps if stuff go bad at least u have content in the siege windows
  5. who are u making mad, ure so cool I think the problem is that noone hits anyone, how can u defend if noone attack, right But i do think is weird that the strongest zerg in terms of numbers is having trouble to find content
  6. u can aways making them show up by talking sht trash talking is a good content generator ure not making enough guild tier lists
  7. Why is it possible to just altf4 from a combat if ure losing and your vessel simply disapears mid fight having zero risk in open world unless u have a zerg deleting you? Also, why is it possible to altf4 after you died so your boddy cant be looted? Cmon, crowfall is a pvp game, unconsensual pvp should be a part of it.
  8. yeah if one they they ever release dregs at live so it can be actually tested
  9. What about being stuck in infected for 1 month at LIVE?
  10. Even though at the end of the day is their game, so they do what they want to do and not with the community thinks etc. U just cant make MMOS without community. From what i see, at launch they will either have a totally different posture towards community or this game is faded to fail. Also, if we are talking about history, what does part of this developing team has of story to tell besides a massive faliure at a game launch? Want we or not this has a major influence for ppl looking for new games to play, etc. If they cant barely keep 1k testers into the game whats the plan when we are talking
  11. its not about hanging out, its about giving us any satisfaction about what is going on, whats the plans, actively asking us questions about what do we think they should do, etc. Something more reliable then an montly or once ever 2, 3 months Q&A that barely answer any question and just bring up more ones to the table. We are investing in this game, not like money injection but we are investing time, patience and a couple dollars as testers activelly creating content, making vids, making forum threats, reporting bugs in it and we expect something from it. I just think that is extremely u
  12. Honestly, the way infected is designed, i wouldnt play this game without getting paid as well. Its just a horrible gaming experience. Why the hell devs dont drop dregs for pretty much a month? Why they dont care about giving the testers something to do and actually have any reason to test the game? Im starting to think they just dont give a damn about the game or its population. And if they act with such a ungratefulness towards testers why do we have any reason to think that will be different at launch?? Why there is no devs asking players about what they want, prefere, how they can make t
  13. Dude i just think that since 6.4 we had 5 days of dregs and 30 days of infected only, not even test server is up now which is ok but why no dregs??? this question just cant get out of my mind. Devs are silent for 4 days since they took test for a internal testing, which can be ok. I just cant get why they dont tell us anything about when or if we will have other dregs or anything. We are stuck to infected for a month basically with absolutely nothing to do... why? im sure ppl would prefere a dregs with bugs then a infected only month. Its a beta game afterall, noone is expecting a perfect
  14. but in albion u can buy VIP with in game currency bud and thats the catch, if they reeealy need to make money in order to continue, why can they be so careless about the in game store in the first place??? And BRL is worth 1/5 the US dollar atm. Witch means that i can buy the whole store for 1/5 the price if i want to. Edit: or anyone that changes their location And here are we discussing about the meaning of P2W
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