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    Atlanta, Georgia
  1. hidetade


    If Gronk has soft balls, sign me up
  2. hidetade


    I'm an ATL native as well but I don't root for the Falcons. I'm a Patriots fan until I die
  3. Utilize the tools of which you are given @Wehrmacht players: stfu and get off my thread. half of you are non-factors that only got big once you got under master Chet's skirt.
  4. I hail from Atlanta, Georgia and I love it here
  5. You are pretty alright too, Jombomb
  6. We'd be glad to have you back Rhu
  7. Oh man lol. I threw up with an open mic once, but not quite as epic as your open mic fail
  8. Good ol' Ben. Still got <3 for your test bros?
  9. I also was one of a fair amount of people that read most, if not all, of the lore of Shadowbane. It's why I argued so much about lore
  10. I find it laughable that most of you don't know who Madroxide Child is.
  11. I already replied to your PM
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