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  1. hidetade


    If Gronk has soft balls, sign me up
  2. hidetade


    I'm an ATL native as well but I don't root for the Falcons. I'm a Patriots fan until I die
  3. Utilize the tools of which you are given @Wehrmacht players: stfu and get off my thread. half of you are non-factors that only got big once you got under master Chet's skirt.
  4. I hail from Atlanta, Georgia and I love it here
  5. You are pretty alright too, Jombomb
  6. We'd be glad to have you back Rhu
  7. Oh man lol. I threw up with an open mic once, but not quite as epic as your open mic fail
  8. Good ol' Ben. Still got <3 for your test bros?
  9. I also was one of a fair amount of people that read most, if not all, of the lore of Shadowbane. It's why I argued so much about lore
  10. I find it laughable that most of you don't know who Madroxide Child is.
  11. I already replied to your PM
  12. It's where people that don't like to farm went
  13. It's not these devs' fault that we are so screwed up in the head no other gamers can tolerate us
  14. Sounds amazing. My type of player
  15. Animals were harmed in the making of this image. It was absolutely gorgeous!
  16. hidetade

    RL pics

    h8rs gonna h8, ainter's gonna aint
  17. Don't reflect your guild's history with my own. JF has been on the current SBEmu beta server since day 1 and has not fallen apart or disbanded. We are simply going by Malorn's Aegis or House of Hawties at the moment.
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