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  1. Are you sure that is a Jellyfish in your guild crest?


    Utilize the tools of which you are given  ;)


    @Wehrmacht players: stfu and get off my thread. half of you are non-factors that only got big once you got under master Chet's skirt.  :P

  2. Great and informative read, but:





    No way.  My friends and I recognized and appreciated that aspect a lot.  In fact, SB is the only fantasy game to my knowledge to account for respawns.  Much easier in a sci fi game when you can just say "clones" and move on.


    I also was one of a fair amount of people that read most, if not all, of the lore of Shadowbane. It's why I argued so much about lore  :P

  3. Yes, somebody had to start it. I will be doing sigs for people I start to like here, or already know. If you want something, post here, and I will either get you, or maybe one of the other sig makers can... can I get a reroll up in this?


    Hook a brotha up!

  4. Two weeks before it falls apart


    Don't reflect your guild's history with my own. JF has been on the current SBEmu beta server since day 1 and has not fallen apart or disbanded. We are simply going by Malorn's Aegis or House of Hawties at the moment.

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