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  1. Even though I want to have multiple accounts I totally agree with that statement. I disliked the "booster alt chars" in EVE because you couldn't be certain if the fight is fair or not if you engaged in pvp with equal numbers.
  2. This behaviour is against the TOS and a perfect example for what the report function is going to be used. If you see something like that (and it will be easy to spot since they are all moving together) report it. That beeing said this is not the question of the topic.
  3. Me too. I don't know how much "work" is needed to add the rewards to the accounts but hopefully not to much.
  4. Alright this discussion has gotten "heated". People have their own views on it and all I can say is let them have it and do not try to force your opinion on somebody to change his view. Let us keep things friendly and civilized One thing that we all can agree upon, regardless of the actual answer to my question in the first post, is the reaction time of ACE to such an controversial topic. They answered 2 times on the same day that this came up. They did not postpone telling us where they stand regarding this issue. These days developer often try to escape difficult question through statements like: "We can't tell you until we are closer to launch". Why? Well some people won't like it and maybe consider twice before supporting Crowfall. At least give the developers and all people included credit for taking "a side" this early.
  5. As already stated: Multiple accounts per person are allowed and you can run them simultanously 1 account per computer -> 2 PCs = 2 accounts.
  6. That would be against the code of conduct anyways because you need external programs to copy input / macros and so on. This is not allowed.
  7. Thanks. Since I am not intending to break rules by botting or do any illegal stuff I know now that it is okay.
  8. He gave this answer in this thread and is talking about the Crowfall code of conduct:
  9. Maybe I am stupid but from my understanding "Director of Publishing" with the name Daylar and a red sword under his name is already somebody official?
  10. Depends on the definition of multiboxing. I plan on using 2 computers at the same time. Not copying any input / not using any macros or anything like that and that is okay as you can read above.
  11. Guess you didn't bother to read my posts where I explain what I mean by it:
  12. Read that. My question was answered: I can have 2 accounts and play them at the same time.
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