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  1. I myself am having the same issue since a very frustrating desktop factory reset I had no problems what so ever before the reset and have tried to install the basic Adobe, Java etc. hoping this would resolve the issue with no luck. I Run IE 11 and it will not keep me signed on for forums. I am not a Chrome fan either. This is very frustrating that my laptop is not having any problems and my desktop now is.
  2. ok ty I have been in the hospital for the past couple of weeks and was trying to do some catch up, Thank you!
  3. How is that my Beta group number has changed from the email I have received? I was in group 1 now it shows 6?
  4. I read the MMORPG article and I love the Thralls idea!
  5. Sitting and waiting patiently.

  6. That is a nice idea. Kind of like carrying an extra backpack around that could run and retrieve some necessities.
  7. Playing different games on X-Box, PS3-4, I have found that having a pet and raising/training them can be very beneficial while having its own attributes they can be very useful in PvE and in PvP. Some pets have healing abilities, increase your damage and resist, while others actually help you fight. I mean who wouldn't want a fierce, bloodthirsty, merciless lion to help you attack while shredding your opponents to pieces one by one on the way to victory. How about a cold-blooded, ruthless scorpion with a sting so powerful it ejects acid on them dissolving their health and stunning them for 5 seconds while you make that last fatal slash of your sword. Better yet how about a ferocious fire breathing dragon with fames so deadly he burns a group of enemies while thrashing its massive wings, stirring the ashes of your enemies replenishing you and your group back to full health? Even an annoying small mosquito that carries a bite so powerful while draining your enemy of half their health could be very useful! With the possibility of pets like these, I am curious to know who all would like to see pets/companions in Crowfall? If you think they will beneficial to the game explain why you think pets would be helpful. For those who think they wouldn't be a good idea and would be useless in the game explain why not? In taking advantage of the search option I have tried to find a topic relating to pets/companions with not many found. I do apologize ahead of time if I have overlooked it and/or maybe I am not searching for the right tags.
  8. I honestly feel that once a person starts to spend real money on a game for yearly memberships, and all the extra (I just gotta have that!) stuff. The less likely one will be using the freedom of speech in a bad way, even after language filters, I feel, that will be set in place. Because for the ones that find a game they wouldn't mind spending money on, you learn to restrain yourself from breaking The Rules of Conduct as you refrain from using bad choice of words in fear of not only getting banned from the game but from losing the spent on the game as well. I mean who wants to buy a car, put thousands of dollars into it then drive it off a cliff? Definitely not I! Of course I am saying this if they choose to make this a PtP (Pay to Play) game.
  9. s@amsonite, you did a marvelous job describing into detail along with pictures the crafting system I love! Most of the games I play this is the one thing I focus on, CRAFTING! Love it! Not only in the games I play but in real life as well. Crafting to me is another way I pass time and to stay interested in the game without focusing on "The Game" itself, as well as making some kick *** gear in the process. I hope if there is crafting available that it will be similar to this one game I play. It allows you to take the Resources and Enhance them even further while increasing the attributes of the original robe. Using my own numbers, this is a For Instance: Lets say you got this robe dropped or that you bought it, stole it or what have ya..... Lvl 20 Gold Robe + Resource ( collected runes, Agave, Oak Leaves, etc) +Enhancements (extra Runes, Agave,Etc.) +50 Health 1 Rune= +5 Health Added 5 more Runes= +2 Health +10 Strength 4 Oak Leaves= +2 Critical Added 10 more O. Leaves= +1 Critical +5 Armor 2 Agave = +1 Steal Health (attacking) +1 Attack Speed 5 Evil Roots= +2 Attack Speed Added 5 more E. Roots= +1 Attack Speed ~Reading this, if you have a Gold Robe and collect the required Resources, you can enhance the Resource while increasing the already existing attributes of the robe. The one thing I like most about this one game, is that you can actually take the Resources and even the Enhanced Resources back off the gear and allows you to forge it on other gear of a higher level and/or of one that looks better with money obtained through the game (another game I play requires you having to pay with your real money to do so). This of course is if the new gear takes the same Resources Example: You have a lvl 30 Robe with higher attributes, You can take off/re-smelt (with a price) the Resources and Enhancements from your old robe and forge them onto your new robe. Hope I haven't lost anyone yet. Now what is even more awesome is that for every Resource, (looking at the lvl 20 robe in the health using runes) once you reach a maximum of 20 runes, it makes an Epic Rune. Therefore, you can use the Epic Rune as the 1 Rune you need as the Resource. Makes sense? Hope I haven't confused anyone yet, lol Now what's even more awesome than that is, you can keep collecting Resources, by adding them to your Enhancements, until you reach the number required to make it "Epic"! And what's Epic about it all is that there is one more step to all this, and that would be the Legendary Rune. You can combine 10 Epic Runes to create the Legendary Rune. So referring back the lvl 20 Robe you can use your legendary Rune for that 1 Resource. But just like everything else the Legendary Stone has its drawbacks: Once you use a Legendary Stone you CAN NOT add more enhancements to it. (But who needs to really? lol ) ~With every Resource they are all different and so is the quantity it takes to make them Epic and Legendary. ***Beware though, concentrating too much on making Legendary Resources can result in not having enough for another piece of gear you might get later like helms and boots.**** I have done this and resulted with me having to break apart my Legendary Resource back to Epics making me go broke. Because for every time you combine(smelt) attributes it gets more expensive causing the RE- smelting to be very costly. Of course, as every crafter knows there is Always a backpack/bank issue (which is frustrating at times) in most games you play which can be easily resolved. You can use your gear as a type of storage (backpack or Bank) within your bank or backpack. Crafters are really crafty that way Anyway, I hope I haven't confused anyone and I explained it in a way that you all can understand and hopefully someone else hasn't explained the same thing in another thread that I failed to read yet. So YES love the idea s@msonite and now I guess I shall I ask, what do you think of the added Enhancements?
  10. I agree on the life stealing. One of the easier classes to master on Wizard101 and to solo the game with is Death. Most of its attacks are based on kill to heal. Definitely one of my favorites besides being a healer.
  11. mod·er·a·tor ˈmädəˌrādər/ noun noun: moderator; plural noun: moderators 1. an arbitrator or mediator. "Egypt managed to assert its role as a regional moderator" a presiding officer, especially a chairman of a debate. a Presbyterian minister presiding over an ecclesiastical body. 2. a person who moderates an Internet forum or online discussion.
  12. a moderator is a mediator and a arbitrator.
  13. He forfeited his right to opinions that call out certain games and making a reference to them being "games being played by 9 year olds" when he took a position as a Moderator. As far as stating opinions for the rest and what to possibly expect yes.
  14. You being a Moderator I find it interesting that you seemed to have brought up a Subject that J.Todd Coleman has closed I assume due to the controversy it was causing. Wizard101 may not be as violent as some other games but it still takes strategy to play and it also takes help from others to fight battles as well as in PvP. It requires planning, good gear and the help from experienced people to help teach "Noobs" (as you call them and like yourself once was to whatever games you play) first starting out. I am not speaking for all Wizard101 players and that of the other "9 yr old kid games" you mentioned but, Wizard101 is a family game that many play to spend time with their children, husbands, grandmothers, friends etc. I myself enjoy the time I spend with my son playing a game that Coleman has out grown his self to move on to make a game like Crowfall. We all like Todd and missed him when he left Wizard101 and have followed him and his progress to making this game with his other colleagues and yes was very excited to see that he finally opened Crowfall for Beta registration. There are also a lot of players who play other games that are more challenging than Wizard101. I think we clearly understand that this game is nothing like Wizard101 and some of the suggestions that some of the players mention are just that, Suggestions. And as already stated this game will not be for everyone. You claim to be not making any personally attacks toward anyone but yet you specifically call out certain games? Honestly as a Moderator you should remain neutral, bite your tongue and keep thoughts to yourself and do your job as a mediator. I also believe that because of this "Curious Question" you should be removed as a Moderator as you clearly do not understand the meaning of the word ~~~Defintion: a person who attempts to make people involved in a conflict come to an agreement. Some of us Carebears as some call us are Grizzlies in the inside. Never judge a book by its cover.
  15. Excited, Excited, Excited!

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