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  1. The skill tree slightly reminds me of Civ's tech tree
  2. Hmm I didn't mind the original barter system. Well I hope the barter system will still be alive even with the coins, and hopefully it doesn't turn into a coin grind fest. "or, more likely, players would invent their own currencies. That's annoying. No one wants to manage a system where they set their vendors to sell a longsword for X number of chickens or they have to pay their taxes in Y acorns." - I thought it would be better if players invented their own currencies... Isn't that what true player driven economy should be like? - X number of chickens for a sword is interesting... n
  3. Yeah honestly I rather there he no fast travel as well. However, it seems like they already will implement a fast travel system. So I was thinking why not make it a craftable item that takes a lot of resources to make.
  4. I'm not sure if someone has already suggested this, but can fast travel perhaps be only possible through an item that can only be crafted? For the "steep cost" perhaps it may take a lot of resources to make one. The item could be for a single use, and then is consumed after fast traveling.
  5. Congratulation!! I'm sure many of you guys will want your sleep now ;D I'm surprised it went over 1.7 mil, which is pretty awesome.
  6. Congratulations! Hopefully we'll reach at least 1.6 mil before it's over.
  7. Loving the stretch goals, and hopefully we can reach 1.7 mil before it's over. Good work, and hopefully ACE team will be able to get some rest soon. Poor game developers.
  8. A very meaty update! The EK sightly reminds me of Sims, which is great. For people who enjoy building/crafting/creating, it's an extra fun element to Crowfall that doesn't heavily affect the actual gameplay. If EK were to become any more "meaningful", then it would be unfair to those who do not wish to participate in EK, and it would simply become another pvp based mmorpg. So good job on finding a fairly good balance for EK! On a random note, I love the reference to Tetris (one of my favorite games).
  9. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this already, but I thought it might be interesting to have a campaign similar to the Hunger Games. A small number of players, with strict import rules, are dropped near a base full of weapons/food/etc., where they can make their first choice of fleeing or fighting. Victory condition is to be the last one standing. Campaign will probably last a couple of IRL hours, since hours equal days in game time. Of course the universe will probably have harsh conditions, making survival in terms of finding warmth/food/water extremely difficult, along with random event
  10. Hello! I'm not sure if this has been already clarified, but will this guild only be within the NA server, or in the European servers as well? I was just curious since ACE said they'll have European servers at launch as well.
  11. Wow, a preview of customization <3 I hope we get more customization teasers in the future as well.
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