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  1. As vitalized said ... alternatively maybe crowfall could disable your mic or eject the jack or something to buy some time
  2. I think it might be an interesting idea to disable in-game communications while a player is dead. Why? Say a group is making a sneak attack on enemy turf, they take out a scout/guard/whatever quickly and quietly. If the player can't communicate with the rest of his guild, he can't give them any early warnings. Granted I don't know how long you actually do stay dead when killed, and of course this would be under-mined if they're using 3rd party VoIP at the time. But I still think it would be a gd addition. Why should dead players give warning to enemy position and numbers while they're dead?
  3. It would be fun for sure, but it at this point I agree with the general sentiment that it should be added later. From what I can gather there's never been any mention of naval combat so far. I prefer having less content, but solid content to more, but shaky.
  4. I don't know which mod changed my three-letter-donkey word to bottom ... but "big bottom swords"? looool
  5. I'm pro realism personally, it would be cool if there was a time delay before combat could start needed for the player to unsheathe his weapon. Would give a split second more time to counter when peaceful negotiations turn sour. But I understand why most mmo developers steer away from sheaths and the like. For starters it's extra coding for fluff, secondly you can't cater for all weapons. Swords come in different shapes and sizes which would me more work. Some weapons don't even have a sheath (as far as I know), like big ass swords/axes or polearms and the like, but players would want to be able to unequip so they can be hands-free So though I like the idea it has practicality issues.
  6. I'd rather not get into this discussion again, so I'll just say this ... Players should be able to do everything, but not all at the same time. I believe this would promote diversity and tactics based on their choices and levels of specialisation. Vet players should be distinguished by how well they use/sort their chosen skill-set, not by how many skills they can stack. The latter would just give people with excessive amounts of free time an overwhelming advantage + it would give re-rolls or newbies that much more need to grind which in my mind does not add to the game Then again, it also depends what abilities exactly. Could not find the info on this, but if there were more mundane/common skills (e.g. 1% extra run speed or 1% longer breath under water) which give only minor advantages maybe those could be could be separated into a "common pool" without limitations. Any reference link to the ability slots info would be much appreciated.
  7. Though I also like video updates it involves more time and preparation so I don't think it should happen on a regular basis ... unless they can afford to
  8. That's your opinion. I was replying to the OP's original poll question, not to your opinion. Both have perks and cons, one's convenient, the other adds risk factor. As I said, I'm fine with it if it's just a gauge for players without other programmed penalties
  9. Indifferent to this. So long as it has no undesirable effects I'm fine with it
  10. I agree. Had posted a poll on this same thing earlier here
  11. Can't say I dislike the concept, but as headlight pointed out, having an un-instanced massive expanse has major technical implications. I think the largest un-instanced mmo map I've seen was in DF, they kind of broke down into grids some way, and it was seamless but not quite perfect. You'd sometimes get lag spikes when players enter your grid and some such. But more importantly I'm afraid it would undermine the campaigns & the Hunger which basically the game seems to be built around if the EKs become the more interesting place to be. Can't really see it happening
  12. stubs01


    A few suggestions for Mounts. They might seem too much but I'm gonna throw it out there anyway 1. Mount Inventory and Equip slots Let player equip their mounts with what they want. e.g. armour, saddles, reins, caparisons, helmet with horns? etc. Also, let players equip them with saddle bags for some extra inventory space. 2. Mount Stats/Skills A mount can have it's own stats and skills. Stats So you can train your horse to increase its stamina, strength, agility, etc. Cases how this can be applied as the following: A Warrior's horse - You would train a warhorse in strength and stamina. He needs to be strong to carry its armour as well as your own when you're wearing full plate. And it needs stamina to not get worn out before the end of the battle. A Traveller's horse - You want to get from point A to B as quickly as possible. You'll want to train stamina and whatever stats contribute to speed. A Farmer's horse - You don't need the power of a war horse, nor the speed of a Traveller horse, but you'd need a horse with a strong constitution to be able to work a full day on the field. Skills You can have a set of skills you can teach your mounts. For example: If you want it for war, teach it to bite, kick, charge or trample your enemies. Train it not to turn skittish at the loud sounds of battle. If you're out foraging, train it to stay or follow or run to you at a whistle. If mounts can be stolen, teach it to unhorse all but its owner. -- Naturally, the mount cannot be thought all skills or have all stats maxed. And mounts would have predispositions based on breeding, some might be better for war, others are naturally faster and so on and so forth. 3. Mount Name Let players name their mounts. It's a stupid thing but you'd be surprised how it makes a difference. Once you name something, it no longer remains that factory-default horse. 4. Mount skins Randomise horse skins. Nothing too complex but randomise skins. Some horses might sell for more based on their aesthetic features. Also makes them more identifiable. If you're adding mount breeding in the game though please let it make sense! 5. Mount traits Give each mount random traits. They could be perks, cons or both. For example, intelligence, makes them learn faster. I think the above suggestions could really complement the game. It would make players pick their mounts carefully, make horse trade more interesting, especially breeding (if its added to the game). I'd also say make mounts killable, perma-death style. So you can name it, raise it, train it and lose it in some heart breaking experience but I don't think all players would be crazy about that Edit: disabled emoticons
  13. I worry as I have a tendency for a casual play style. It seems to me you're either campaigning with an objective or twiddling your thumbs in EK.
  14. @jingle I know you can take loot back, but I didn't see any news of loot that can change your EK. If I skipped it kindly point me to the post and accept my apologies. @ellie That's why I said certain resources. I'm not saying to make to make EKs as profitable as a campaign world. It would remove the motive to enter campaigns which is basically what the whole game is being built around. I'm saying just enough to keep them interesting in between campaigns. Or if not resources, something else.
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