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  1. Thank you for the reply and answer. I remember them saying before we could play a lot sooner Oh well, as long as the game is decent on release!
  2. I went to the client download page, but I assume it is an older page. I have beta access to 6 and 2 as well as the early bird $30 backer reward (yah, I'm cheap ). Maybe I can't download the client because it doesn't open until 3pm today, but I figured I would be able to pre-download so I can play right away. Or maybe I don't have the correct entitlement? I figured I could play by now. Thank you for any helpful replies.
  3. While I think the game might be fun, and a nice PvP game, I don't think it will be as hardcore as they are making it out to be. I think it is just a marketing tactic. No business that wants to make money, and have lots of players will make a very hardcore PvP sandbox game... it's too niche, and players who suck at PvP games will just quit when they lose. It happens in every PvP game with full loot. It's not sustainable for a business. Sure, maybe they can pull it off, but I think it's a slim chance. The only very popular loot game I can think of, that has been around a long time, is Ultima
  4. I'm not really liking the whole pet thing, but the game isn't going to be out for a long time, and we have hardly seen any combat; I would wait to start complaining and making general statements until we see a bit more. Mages are usually pretty strong in a lot of games, and don't require as much aiming as other classes (usually), so I doubt they will be outright bad.
  5. I am so glad they are having friendly fire and player collision, this is great for a PvP game. I really hope they take away telegraphs as it's a bit unskilled, but so far I like what I am hearing, and this game seems like it will be well balanced, and NOT a boring grind like a lot of themepark and even other PvP games. DREGS ALL DAY BABY!
  6. Thanks! I PMed him. It seems like he'll be streaming Crowfall too, so that's neat. I need to stream, but I need to buy a second monitor
  7. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. I used the search bar, and google, and I couldn't find anyone with that name on google, and all I found when I searched this forum was your post that you just posted Would you mind giving me some info on "thenebrosity"? I don't believe I have heard about this thing, or person (my bad sorry!) edit: nevermind, when I used the search bar it only searched this post. My mistake, I got it now
  8. Sexist scum, I have been triggered. (sarcasm.. please don't hurt me)
  9. No one can really use that argument, for the most part in this game anyways, seeing as though most of the levelling is from passive skill training.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if ArtCraft will allow anyone to make some covers of any songs in Crowfall, and it we are allowed to use audio from the game in videos, or remixes? I really like to produce electronic music, and orchestral music; making some Crowfall music and remixes could be very fun for me, and I hope you guys would be willing to let me use some of the audio from the game (such as stems and single files). Thanks! I know this is a lot to ask, but it's worth a try! I can't draw, but this is as close to fan art as I will get edit: spelling (typing too fast for my brain!)
  11. Thanks for the link. Seeing as though players can merge any kickstarter account to any crowfall account, regardless of the date it was made, it's probably a code/key. It's not like they have any idea who owns which kickstarter account, so I can't imagine they could actually do it any other way.
  12. yah, I am unsure as this is also my first kickstarter pledge. I am not sure if they just give everyone a redeemable code or not. I would assume that would be the easiest way, unless kickstarter has some built in functionality, but I'm not sure `\_(0_o)_/`
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