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  1. I've played less than an hour total since 2015 in various alphas. My soul has not yet been crushed by COVID-19 or other modern catastrophes. I'm looking forward to playing Crowfall regularly now that it's in Beta. Is my enthusiasm warranted, or will you destroy it? Let me know!
  2. Touching base here after basically being absent from the community for five years. What part does crafting and harvesting play now? Last I heard, it was going to be vaguely SWG-ish, in that it provided a significant backdrop to the big PVP battles. What's changed since then?
  3. Hey, friend. Haven't seen you around in... well, five years.

    With Crowfall Beta now live, I'm looking to actually play regularly. You're the only Lantern Watch player that is still active, as far as I'm aware. Feel like regrouping?

    1. seventhbeacon


      Hey, dude! Sweet. Yeah, happy to play with whomever wants to join in on the fun. I haven't touched the alpha at all and I'm way behind on update vids, so I've got everything to learn about the game yet. I'm excited to fiddle with the EK stuff and I'm hoping it doesn't take too long to unlock the other rings. I wasn't expecting to find character levels in this game, lol, but I suppose there has to be some system to unlock and improve characters.

    2. karetyr


      Yeah, I'm pretty new to it too. I played a bit in the alpha, but not enough to get comfortable. And now the game's completely different, I'm sure!

  4. You mentioned that you miss not knowing anything when you start a game. This is why I (mostly) stopped paying attention to news updates for Crowfall; I already know that I'm going to play the game. I want to experience that sense of learning and exploring. Like you, I had that experience with Star Wars: Galaxies, and rarely since then.
  5. Is there a Watch presence in the playtest sessions?
  6. Joining the Slack channel is definitely a must going forward.
  7. Hey now, that's not how this works. You have to post what you're actually listening to at the time. =P
  8. Ode to the Bouncer, by the Studio Killers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo-EmtXbFRg
  9. Welcome to all the new recruits! I hope we have time to hang out together. I'd like to get to know you. If nothing else, let's all look forward to building the most awesome Kingdom in Crowfall once it's released!
  10. I bought the domain name lantern.links to use as a test bed for the CMS. I don't need access to the actual hosting yet. That brings up a question, though - this host, is it shared hosting? Or a VPS? Because if it's shared hosting, then I need to scrap what I have and start over with PHP.
  11. So, we're definitely in a holding pattern until alpha (3?), but I'm curious as to whether I should keep building that CMS or not. I haven't worked on it in awhile, true, but my motivation to get going on it again is directly tied to the activity level of the Watch. I haven't seen a whole ton of activity here beyond recruiting. =/
  12. It's a little early in the game's history for guild drama, isn't it? Let's not have a repeat of our origins. Who said what, and what was the context?
  13. Oh man. I really need to finish that new site CMS soon, don't I.
  14. Sorry for your losses. =( I'm glad you're back, though.
  15. Congratulations. Next up, you should try translating the Silmarillion into Old Norse.
  16. All the more reason to get the new site working. Sadly, I was unable to hit the deadline, since I got sidetracked by a trip to the ER. I thought I was going to die, but it turned out to be an anxiety attack. I'm still having difficulty not panicking about things like getting a cup of coffee. For someone who's used to never worrying about anything, this is... really bizarre. So, the website will have to wait a bit until I can concentrate on it more fully.
  17. So I'm listening to music by James Horner, drinking too much, and generally enjoying my vacation. Also, bemoaning the silence on the guild forums. This has the weird effect of increasing my desire to finish the new guild website CMS, since I think more of us would use it if it were easier to use.
  18. I'm taking a vacation next week. I'm planning on staying home and working on the guild CMS. Occasionally I'll walk to the lake and fall in, I imagine.
  19. Update on the new website CMS: on Sunday, I got basic forums (categories, threads, posts, replies) working. Next week I'm on vacation. I hope to get a lot done then.
  20. We're definitely in the middle of the doldrums between major developments. I'm chagrined to report that I haven't made an update to the website code in the past two weeks. I'll hack on it some tonight to make up for that.
  21. Oh, and now that free-to-play Wildstar has been announced, I immediately dropped my subscription to SWTOR and resubbed to Wildstar. Man, I forgot how much fun this game is...
  22. OK folks, in case you didn't see it on the guild forums, I'm posting it here too. This is the Github repo for the website I'm working on for the guild: https://github.com/BenOvermyer/RedLantern If you're not technically inclined, just check out the Planned Features list further down on that page. I'm open to suggestions. My hope is to have a basic "alpha" version of the site operational by the end of June.
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