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  1. Based on the language... I would venture a guess that neither the "24/7 servers" nor the "removal of race restrictions" updates are it. They've already said that 24/7 test servers will be coming, so that wouldn't make sense as an announcement of this caliber. The removal of race restrictions would be more likely, since that's a huge change and one that has not yet been even suggested. The initial tease of a strangely-equipped murdeer would seem to support this.

    However, I don't think this particular update is going to be either.

    I honestly have no idea what it could be.

  2. A greatsword would be possible, based on that concept art, but it doesn't seem to fit the theme of the class.


    A rapier or cutlass seems to fit a swashbuckler or pirate archetype better than the Stalker. Stalkers, as they've been described so far, rely on stealth and patience.


    The most likely melee weapon I can think of for them, then, would be a dagger or kris or similar. Possibly a short sword. Something that's easy to hide, gets out of the way, and is fast on the draw. Nothing flashy.


    Ninja didn't run around wielding great weapons, after all. They relied on poisons, needles, wakizashi, and other easily-concealed weapons.

  3. I'd neg you if I could.


    I was responding to a post I felt was pedantic with a pedantic reply. <3


    But if we're going to be serious about this, then here we go.


    Lag is not latency. Lag is symptomatic of latency, but the two are not the same thing.


    Lag is the experience by which a game client is unable to keep up with the driver of game logic; usually, this is typified by graphical stuttering, rubberbanding, "teleporting," or other visual oddities.


    Latency in gaming refers specifically to network latency, a measure of the communications delay between a server and a client.


    High latency can cause lag, but it's not the only cause. An overtaxed server that is dropping tasks out of a queue can also cause lag, and so can a client that has high packet loss. 


    Source: I'm an operations engineer.

  4. Top five, huh? Alright.


    These are five artists that I consistently enjoy the music of. By that, I mean I'm more likely to let any given song of theirs play to completion rather than skip to the next track.




    These guys have the most consistently complex sound I've ever heard. Every song tells a story in a way that I haven't seen matched.


    Imagine Dragonshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Thbsg9i2mZ0


    Masters of bass, Imagine Dragons can paint a vivid mental image with their sound.


    Jeremy Soulehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7nmtReFnDs


    Jeremy Soule's music builds on centuries of classical knowledge to create slow but powerful melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. I love his work.


    Florence + the Machinehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWOyfLBYtuU


    Florence is that one weird artist girl we knew in college, but now all grown up and incredibly imaginative.


    Delhi 2 Dublinhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM3WyqKjG4M


    Delhi 2 Dublin have one of the strangest fusion music styles I've ever heard, but more importantly, they are MASTERS of performance. Seeing them live and utterly high on...uh... organic substances is one of the highlights of my life thus far.

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