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  1. Touching base here after basically being absent from the community for five years.

    What part does crafting and harvesting play now? Last I heard, it was going to be vaguely SWG-ish, in that it provided a significant backdrop to the big PVP battles. What's changed since then?

  2. So, we're definitely in a holding pattern until alpha (3?), but I'm curious as to whether I should keep building that CMS or not.


    I haven't worked on it in awhile, true, but my motivation to get going on it again is directly tied to the activity level of the Watch. I haven't seen a whole ton of activity here beyond recruiting. =/

  3. All the more reason to get the new site working.


    Sadly, I was unable to hit the deadline, since I got sidetracked by a trip to the ER. I thought I was going to die, but it turned out to be an anxiety attack. I'm still having difficulty not panicking about things like getting a cup of coffee. For someone who's used to never worrying about anything, this is... really bizarre.


    So, the website will have to wait a bit until I can concentrate on it more fully.

  4. OK folks, in case you didn't see it on the guild forums, I'm posting it here too. This is the Github repo for the website I'm working on for the guild:




    If you're not technically inclined, just check out the Planned Features list further down on that page. I'm open to suggestions.


    My hope is to have a basic "alpha" version of the site operational by the end of June.

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