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  1. You all should really check out Neverwinter's Strongholds expansion. It turns Neverwinter into something we may want to play before Crowfall. http://massivelyop.com/2015/05/21/neverwinters-strongholds-expansion-is-coming-this-summer/
  2. I'm drinking rum, looking forward to MantiCon this weekend, and planning out the new guild website's architecture.
  3. Fair enough. I'm just saying that the people you play with - and yes, against - deserve to be treated well, even if you're going to eventually kill them. The Christmas Truce of WW1 warms my heart, and is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Maybe I'm just a little too honorable for my own good.
  4. In other news, I totally didn't realize that you pledged Sapphire, 7B!
  5. Just to respond to this one point: Just because bad behavior made an event memorable doesn't mean it's good behavior in disguise. At one of the high schools I went to, someone decided it would be hilarious to throw a shotgun shell into the pile of wood we were going to use for our annual seniors' bonfire. As a result, the bonfire was cancelled permanently. Someone who doesn't understand that they could have killed someone with their joke caused the last bonfire to be very memorable, but it was in no way good.
  6. For my part, and not speaking as the Watch, I respect others. I'm the kind of guy that will sit and listen to someone talk about views that are diametrically opposed to mine, and ask curious questions rather than make fun of them or deride them. I believe that what Serenity Now did was incredibly disrespectful and asocial. I believe that trolls in general are terrible people and worth excluding from anything I participate in. But, I will say this. I do think that your being open about the kind of community you like to be a part of is great, and that your honesty does say something abou
  7. That helps a ton. Maybe it'll get me the rest of the way from 48 to at least 55, now that I'm done with Chapter 3. I liked the Inquisitor/Sorcerer storyline. Some people have called it underwhelming, but I thought it was very true to the Sith culture. I'm generally a one-toon kind of guy, so I want to bring my main to max level, and I'm really keen on the Revan stuff that starts at 55, but I'm not so keen on the stuff leading up to it. Basically I need to convince myself to commit to the slog so I can get to the content I want to experience. Simultaneously, I've started playing on the
  8. Not to come out of left field or anything, but you know, I think I much prefer the black-text-on-white-background here over the white-text-on-black-background that we have on the guild forums.
  9. Wise choice. The Watch IS fantastic, though. Great group of people.
  10. +1 for Sigur Ros. You should listen to the track I posted, it might work for your dare.
  11. https://open.spotify.com/track/77k7Wx4HaSADPjstGX4e3w
  12. You know, I should mention this on the guild forums, but I'll also put it here. We should have an in-person get-together, or a series of them, considering we're an international guild. If folks think this is a good idea, maybe it would be prudent to get some hands raised for volunteer organizers?
  13. I'm just waiting until I can watch season 3 of Arrow on Netflix, because I don't want to buy episodes at $3 a pop...
  14. Happy belated Easter! Hurrah for ancient pagan fertility (read: sex) festivals!
  15. That's OK, Eren; I mostly play Minecraft solo, and on the rare occasions when I play on servers, it's usually a long-running one hosted on dedicated hardware and funded by a community.
  16. I'd be up for either TERA or TOR, or even TF2. Dunno if there are any other TF2 players in the Watch, though.
  17. I missed TERA Fridays because I was tired from a very long week, sorry. That, and I've been playing a LOT of solo Minecraft lately - the Infinity modpack. Last night I discovered there was a dungeon only a few dozen blocks beneath my house, so that pretty much took care of my evening for gaming. Do we have anything going on tonight? 'cause I'd be up for something.
  18. Hey, if it's checkyo that's on the barby, I'll be there, even if it's hosted in Oz.
  19. I think we should have some kind of guild-only celebration to commemorate the successful funding of the game. What could we do? I mean, there are so many of us from so many different places that an in-person barbeque would probably be out of the question.
  20. I'm going to craft the **** out of this game. There's too much Star Wars: Galaxies in my blood to stop me. Sadly, I can't be a Shipwright. But that's OK. I'll just make the most murder-est daggers in the game.
  21. Should I feel inadequate for only pledging Silver?
  22. As someone who's done both successful and unsuccessful Kickstarters before, there was absolutely nothing new in that video for me.
  23. You know what's great? Heraldry. Do you know why it's great? Because the techniques feudal nobles used to keep their armies organized are the same techniques we use today to get people to not blow through intersections and kill everyone with their bad driving. The Watch needs heraldry.
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