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  1. Twitch shooting works fairly well in Firefall. I can't imagine why it wouldn't work well in Crowfall. After all, they both have "fall" in the name, so that means they're the same game, right? Also donuts.
  2. This actually makes me more excited to play a Stalker. I like this kind of utility playstyle.
  3. I'm leery of the idea of AFK shops. Seeing that in a large number of Asian MMORPGs was terrible; people as far as the eye could see in town, all AFK, all lagging the game and breaking immersion.
  4. Congratulations. Next up, you should try translating the Silmarillion into Old Norse.
  5. All the more reason to get the new site working. Sadly, I was unable to hit the deadline, since I got sidetracked by a trip to the ER. I thought I was going to die, but it turned out to be an anxiety attack. I'm still having difficulty not panicking about things like getting a cup of coffee. For someone who's used to never worrying about anything, this is... really bizarre. So, the website will have to wait a bit until I can concentrate on it more fully.
  6. So I'm listening to music by James Horner, drinking too much, and generally enjoying my vacation. Also, bemoaning the silence on the guild forums. This has the weird effect of increasing my desire to finish the new guild website CMS, since I think more of us would use it if it were easier to use.
  7. I'm taking a vacation next week. I'm planning on staying home and working on the guild CMS. Occasionally I'll walk to the lake and fall in, I imagine.
  8. Update on the new website CMS: on Sunday, I got basic forums (categories, threads, posts, replies) working. Next week I'm on vacation. I hope to get a lot done then.
  9. I played SWG for 8 years officially, and unofficially in the emu off and on since then. I'm in seventhbeacon's guild, and there are definitely quite a few other SWG vets there. I'm really hoping that Raph Koster's deep involvement from the get-go with Crowfall bodes well for SWG-ish systems making it into the game.
  10. We're definitely in the middle of the doldrums between major developments. I'm chagrined to report that I haven't made an update to the website code in the past two weeks. I'll hack on it some tonight to make up for that.
  11. Oh, and now that free-to-play Wildstar has been announced, I immediately dropped my subscription to SWTOR and resubbed to Wildstar. Man, I forgot how much fun this game is...
  12. OK folks, in case you didn't see it on the guild forums, I'm posting it here too. This is the Github repo for the website I'm working on for the guild: https://github.com/BenOvermyer/RedLantern If you're not technically inclined, just check out the Planned Features list further down on that page. I'm open to suggestions. My hope is to have a basic "alpha" version of the site operational by the end of June.
  13. You all should really check out Neverwinter's Strongholds expansion. It turns Neverwinter into something we may want to play before Crowfall. http://massivelyop.com/2015/05/21/neverwinters-strongholds-expansion-is-coming-this-summer/
  14. I'm drinking rum, looking forward to MantiCon this weekend, and planning out the new guild website's architecture.
  15. What if there were curses you could place on enemies (or friends, if you're into that sort of thing) that are only annoyances, rather than mechanical debuffs? I'm not talking about something as drastic as WoW's zombie plague (though that was fascinating), since that spread virally and caused a lot of havoc. I mean causing players emotional discomfort, rather than lowering their stats or something. It would have to be something that is non-trivial to cause, and non-trivial to get rid of. Thoughts?
  16. You should play Mortal Online, then.
  17. karetyr


    Awesome. Well, I wish you luck and hope to see you in game! I imagine since we share a guild, that won't be hard!
  18. Naming weapons should be possible for ANY crafted weapon, not just exceptional ones. The implication is, of course, that weapons with variable stats AND names become even more difficult to store and access efficiently in a database, but that's why we have smart people like the devs at ACE to figure that out.
  19. Large guilds monopolizing a singular vein of a high-quality resource (that peters out over time) sounds just fine to me as emergent gameplay, even if my business is negatively affected by it. After all, I'd have the opportunity to find a small but rich vein of resources of my own, even if it's not the same one. I agree though, balance will be an ongoing challenge for Crowfall, as it is with any complex system.
  20. Fair enough. I'm just saying that the people you play with - and yes, against - deserve to be treated well, even if you're going to eventually kill them. The Christmas Truce of WW1 warms my heart, and is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Maybe I'm just a little too honorable for my own good.
  21. Writing code, playing games, and drinking too much with friends. For the record: 33 here.
  22. In other news, I totally didn't realize that you pledged Sapphire, 7B!
  23. Just to respond to this one point: Just because bad behavior made an event memorable doesn't mean it's good behavior in disguise. At one of the high schools I went to, someone decided it would be hilarious to throw a shotgun shell into the pile of wood we were going to use for our annual seniors' bonfire. As a result, the bonfire was cancelled permanently. Someone who doesn't understand that they could have killed someone with their joke caused the last bonfire to be very memorable, but it was in no way good.
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