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  1. You won't see me until Alpha 3, Razer, but I look forward to hanging out with you (and everyone else) too!
  2. I'm tempted to take that as a challenge, and translate that haiku into a properly Japanese version...
  3. Aye, that's part of its charm - only a select few people will actually read it.
  4. 100 pages calls for something special! One hundred pages, The Lantern Watch grows stronger, Our guild forever
  5. Eediom, probably the same way that any organization is led - by delegation.
  6. Noting that 7B and check both have over 2.1k posts, I just can't fathom the level of free time that would require. Today, for my part, I'm going to be leaving for work in about 15 minutes, and not getting home until somewhere around 8:00 PM CST - that's a 13 hour work day. My post count is where it is for that reason. Also bacon.
  7. Aaand now I'm playing Diablo 3 again. I think MY bad habit is flipping between games...
  8. And because Nightmares, I updated my pledge to Silver level.
  9. Well, now I'm going to be in Alpha 3 instead of Beta 6. Yay Kickstarter rewards!
  10. May the Force be with you. And all that implies.
  11. I'd better log in to TERA today, then. I haven't touched it in about a week.
  12. Wait, so we're playing Minecraft now? I really need to try and keep up.
  13. You know, Medieval Engineers came out today. Tomorrow, when I get paid, I'm absolutely buying it. Who's with me??
  14. You know, I keep meaning to jump in TERA or SWTOR, but I've spending most of my gaming time in Team Fortress 2 or Tribes Ascend lately. Blargh.
  15. In case anyone's curious about where I've been, I've been abstaining from going on the computer after work for the past few days to "detox." I'll be back online this weekend.
  16. Huh. That's interesting. I used to own a tabletop RPG company, too. Got out of it because I just didn't have the time anymore, but the other founder is still running it. Silver Gryphon Games, if you're curious.
  17. Installing LOTRO now. I'll probably spend a fair amount of time in TERA today also, just grinding up to the point where I can actually use global chat.
  18. It feels good to revisit old haunts. I played a lot of Rift back in the day. I'll reinstall LOTRO... haven't played that in ages. What server are we rolling on?
  19. I just updated Rift and rolled a new toon on the PvP server, Seastone. Defiant Bahmi cleric named Hammentias, Ham for short.
  20. Curse Voice is better than Skype for gaming, since (in the games it supports) it has a really slick in-game overlay that can identify who's talking. However, it's not push-to-talk, and its maximum capacity at the moment is 10 people. After doing a couple hours of research this morning, it looks like Mumble is the best option for PvP in large numbers, since it has low latency and the ability to create subchannels. It also has an in-game overlay to let you know who's talking, and though it's not as slick as Curse's, it works on most games, not just a handful. So that's my recommendation
  21. SWTOR was a ton of fun, even if I do have a lot of catching-up to do! Thanks for the help with the blood pit, that fight is always brutal. =/
  22. Yeah, my main is guilded - a part of the Imperial Army, a guild that existed in SWG and that I've been a part of since 2004, so not eager to change guilds with him. I'll just create a new character. A Sith Warrior, because lightsabers.
  23. My 45 is Imp, but I'm happy to create a new toon just for this. What does everyone have so far? My main is a Sith Sorcerer, so I'll make one of the other classes. Sith Warrior maybe.
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