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  1. Bashing an MMO is generally what people who care too much about said MMO do. If I dislike a game, I don't waste my time complaining about it on "neutral" forums. I just move on to a different game.
  2. Reddit and I have a complicated relationship. I tend to only lurk in a select few subreddits that appear to have civil conversations about topics I'm interested in; I've seen far too many subreddits that are typified by racism, sexism, and mindsets darker than either of those. If the /r/crowfall subreddit avoids the awful behavior that Reddit itself is known for, then I might drop in from time to time.
  3. karetyr


    Welcome! What's your main interest in MMORPGs? It sounds like you're pretty focused on the combat side of things.
  4. karetyr


    Welcome to the community, Ai. Like any community, we have lots of people that you'll love, lots of people you'll hate, and more than a few that you'll never interact with. Roleplayers are very welcome, especially those new to it. There's an entire section of the forums devoted to it, so please have a look there. As for "immortal centaur princess," if that's your bag, go with it. Just make sure to add a dash of contrary to that recipe to make her more interesting. It's internal conflict that drives people and makes them interesting to onlookers - not to be confused with angst, which is usually paralytic and a turn-off.
  5. For my part, and not speaking as the Watch, I respect others. I'm the kind of guy that will sit and listen to someone talk about views that are diametrically opposed to mine, and ask curious questions rather than make fun of them or deride them. I believe that what Serenity Now did was incredibly disrespectful and asocial. I believe that trolls in general are terrible people and worth excluding from anything I participate in. But, I will say this. I do think that your being open about the kind of community you like to be a part of is great, and that your honesty does say something about your character, even if I take issue with your sense of humor.
  6. Most modern MMORPGs - heck, I'd go so far as to say most games in general - pay no attention to the importance of scarcity and obsolescence in crafting systems. Star Wars Galaxies used these two things to great effect in its earlier days, though the implementation wasn't perfect. Most people I talk to seem to land on one of two sides of the fence on this topic. Either they're a crafter and love scarcity, or they're a combatant and hate it. There seems to be very little middle ground there. To put context around this, here's one way to do scarcity: There is a finite amount of the resource required to make a particular item. The demand for that item far outpaces the supply of the resource needed to make it. And here's a usage of obsolescence: The resource required to repair an item no longer spawns. At all. The item becomes obsolete and eventually falls out of use as newer versions made with different resources become available. Note: this is only one way to use these two concepts in crafting. How do you feel about the idea of using scarcity and obsolescence in crafting systems?
  7. I'm not involved in the financial side of game development, so I can't answer your question. I will say that your post title sheds absolutely no light on what your post is actually about. It's like if I wrote a post entitled "Cooking" and it was specifically about using squid ink in Cantonese dishes.
  8. In my experience, there are two things that really matter when it comes to soundscapes in an MMO/RPG. The first is a strong single theme or anthem. Guild Wars 2 had one, Skyrim had one. Most Final Fantasy games have one. The rest of the music can be filler, as long as there's one main song that sticks in the memory. The second is ubiquitous ambient sounds. Birdsong in jungles. Happy crowds in taverns. That sort of thing. It makes it even more real when some of those sounds are placed in 3D space, which I know is tough to pull off. If Crowfall nails both sides of it, that will be absolutely fantastic.
  9. I love this. I would absolutely play a Tracker.
  10. How do you all feel about in-game language learning, ala early SWG? For those who never experienced it, it went something like this. Most of the races spoke their own racial language(s), and nothing else. Another player who spoke a different language would have to teach it to you in order for you to understand it; otherwise, the text was garbled in a pseudo-language fashion. Ultimately, it ended up being nerfed into irrelevance. But I always thought it was an interesting way to encourage interaction between players. Thoughts?
  11. I want to be two things - a weaponsmith of note (not necessarily best-on-server, but at least make a name for myself), and a long-range support. I don't need to insta-kill enemies; but filling them full of poison barbs while my guildmates do the upfront butchery would be very satisfying.
  12. That helps a ton. Maybe it'll get me the rest of the way from 48 to at least 55, now that I'm done with Chapter 3. I liked the Inquisitor/Sorcerer storyline. Some people have called it underwhelming, but I thought it was very true to the Sith culture. I'm generally a one-toon kind of guy, so I want to bring my main to max level, and I'm really keen on the Revan stuff that starts at 55, but I'm not so keen on the stuff leading up to it. Basically I need to convince myself to commit to the slog so I can get to the content I want to experience. Simultaneously, I've started playing on the Revelation SWGEmu server, been playing Block n' Load a ton, and now I just bought GTA V which will likely suck the rest of my free time away. And you guys wonder why I'm not more active on the Crowfall forums....
  13. Not to come out of left field or anything, but you know, I think I much prefer the black-text-on-white-background here over the white-text-on-black-background that we have on the guild forums.
  14. Now, now, Check. It's not polite to scare off the youngins. Kenjinn, Crowfall will launch long after your attention span has expired for it. I'd suggest either settling into the community for the long haul, or drifting off into a launched game that appeals to your interests.
  15. Wise choice. The Watch IS fantastic, though. Great group of people.
  16. +1 for Sigur Ros. You should listen to the track I posted, it might work for your dare.
  17. https://open.spotify.com/track/77k7Wx4HaSADPjstGX4e3w
  18. karetyr

    Roll Call

    I've never really left. Nor have I been reborn. But damn, the last week has been hell at work. 15-17 hour days, ever since Sunday.
  19. Raph Koster is the key game system designer behind Crowfall. The lack of his name in Shadowbane's credits is significant.
  20. LastBoy, even though you're probably ten years my junior, I agree completely. I remember the days when I scoffed at Windows Vista, believing (correctly, as it turns out) that Windows Vista was a pile of garbage compared to Windows 98. Star Wars: Galaxies just ran better on W98SE. I also remember hoping that Vanguard: Saga of Heroes would turn out to be the successor to SWG that I longed for. Wow, how that turned out.
  21. So I herd you leik Crowfall. Please tip, five centos.
  22. When I was younger, this is exactly what I wanted out of a guild. And this kind of policy led me to the Galactic Conglomerate of Star Wars: Galaxies. It wasn't the best guild, and it only lasted a couple years. But I remember more about the Conglomerate than I do about almost any guild since. Do right by your members, Samurai. Make memories, not hierarchies. You have the makings of a guild that will have a positive impact on your members for the rest of their lives here. Memories, not hierarchies.
  23. Of all the interesting things in that post, and other bits Raph has said, one thing really stood out to me. Star Wars Galaxies was intended to be a skill web, not a skill tree, game. He mentioned how there were many additional professions planned, and how all of the professions were intended to be much smaller in scale. That jives with what I remember of beta - professions like Farmer and Miner that I heard about, and how I was confused when launch came, and we had a handful of professions that were VERY grind-y. Raph mentioned how some professions were intended to be accidentally discovered by mastering certain skill combinations. This further supports the skill web idea. Sadly, no MMO has ever attempted a skill web system. The game that comes closest is not even an MMO, but a Roguelike - Path of Exile. Crowfall, despite Raph's involvement, will not be a skill web game. With that said... what would it be like, if it was? Would there be archetypes? Or would it be more like Everquest Next's proposed system of 40+ "collectible" classes?
  24. I started playing again when they released it for phones. I just purchased the Arachnid quarter of Naxxramas to try and work through the single-player content. I have to say, it's probably the most entertaining TCG I've ever played. Also... rocking a bunch of players until tier 20 and then getting roflstomped by people who are actually good at the game was a weird wake-up call. I think I might need to tweak my deck. Running a beast-heavy Hunter deck at the moment. Couldn't beat the second boss of Arachnid with him, though, so switched out to my ancient Mage deck. Managed to squeak out a win with her, mostly due to board-clearing spells. That felt very WoW-y to me; bosses having very different mechanics.
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