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  1. You know, I should mention this on the guild forums, but I'll also put it here. We should have an in-person get-together, or a series of them, considering we're an international guild. If folks think this is a good idea, maybe it would be prudent to get some hands raised for volunteer organizers?
  2. The advice above worked for me, also. If you guys/gals (gauyls?) are using SAML for your authentication, you might want to have a look at how you're passing the IDP cookie between consumers. If not, then, well, I dunno. Weird that it works in IE, but not Chrome. Normally it's Firefox that's known for cookie problems.
  3. I tried Wurm, but couldn't get into it. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to do anything in that game; think of the amount of time it takes to craft in Minecraft, and multiply that by a factor of ten. I just got a trial to Pathfinder Online. We'll see if it feels like it's on the right track or not.
  4. I'm just waiting until I can watch season 3 of Arrow on Netflix, because I don't want to buy episodes at $3 a pop...
  5. Many games since SWG have claimed to be "like" it. From PVP-centric games like Mortal Online to sci-fi ones like The Repopulation, many have tried to capture some of that flavor. However, a game that follows the essence of pre-2005 SWG in today's market is a pipe dream. The common consensus among industry-aware gamers is that the MMORPG market has become saturated with post-WoW gameplay systems. Crowdfunding, at first blush, appears to be the answer to the age-old question of "if big companies are too risk-averse to attempt a game like X, then who will?" However, crowdfunding generally results in a watered-down product that tries to cater to too many interests, if it launches at all. Crowfall is different, in that the crew behind it is dedicated to NOT bowing to backers' every whim, but it's not a SWG successor. Nor will it ever be. In order to actually achieve that goal, I think we'd need to see a passionate group of SWG diehards with ample funding and a good sense of marketing try and create a successor. The number of people that can do that (that I know of) I can count on one hand. None of them shows any interest in doing so at the moment. Yes, Raph Koster is one of them. The various swgemu projects are the only real hope of veterans of that game experiencing some of what once was. However, since subscriber numbers were never terribly high even at the game's height, I don't think there will ever be any monetary incentive to really knock the ball out of the park on the SWG concept. I hope beyond hope that I'm wrong on that.
  6. Happy belated Easter! Hurrah for ancient pagan fertility (read: sex) festivals!
  7. They're going to release it on Steam soon, I believe. Just wait for that.
  8. While you wait for Crowfall, have a look at Mortal Online. It has an extremely deep skill system, but the learning curve is a bit brutal.
  9. That's OK, Eren; I mostly play Minecraft solo, and on the rare occasions when I play on servers, it's usually a long-running one hosted on dedicated hardware and funded by a community.
  10. Zoom doesn't help line length, guys. I use Evernote Clearly to fix the legibility problem for myself personally. But I figure, since my profession revolves around web technology and user experience engineering, I might offer something of an educated opinion on the subject.
  11. I'd be up for either TERA or TOR, or even TF2. Dunno if there are any other TF2 players in the Watch, though.
  12. Generally, to achieve optimum readibility, a line of text should be between 60 and 80 characters long. Right now, a full line of text in a forum post is around 150 characters long. The font size is 14px. I tried experimenting with the CSS on these forums, and forum post body text looked best at 16px and 18px. It was very easy to read at 22px, reaching 90 characters per line, but that was pretty enormous text. Can we at least get a boost to 16px for forum post bodies?
  13. I usually only play a single character, unless there's a social reason to have multiples (like playing with multiple guilds, for example). I started playing WoW in beta, but I still only have a single character there that's max level.
  14. I missed TERA Fridays because I was tired from a very long week, sorry. That, and I've been playing a LOT of solo Minecraft lately - the Infinity modpack. Last night I discovered there was a dungeon only a few dozen blocks beneath my house, so that pretty much took care of my evening for gaming. Do we have anything going on tonight? 'cause I'd be up for something.
  15. The original author is, in the end, looking to connect with people he enjoys being around. His drunken, rambling post can be summarized to that. I can empathize with that. I can sympathize, too, with being treated like a cog in a machine in a "serious" guild; but let's be clear, I had fun there too, but of a different kind. When I was in a ranked progression guild, I was proud of my achievements and the knowledge I was gaining and sharing with others. And I gained a bit of comradery with those who shared the pain of wipe after wipe, gear run after gear run, mechanic practice runs, and so on. But in the end, it's all about balance. A guild that's just a group of friends relies on those social connections to live; if people move on, the guild collapses. A guild that's just progression will always be more stressful, but it also can be more rewarding, than a purely social guild. It's the guilds that have a good mix of both that tend to stand the test of time. About Walls of Text With regards to the "wall of text" phenomenon - it's not (entirely) the author's fault. It's the way forums are usually designed. With the text the size it is, and the lines the length they are, it's very taxing for the eyes. I almost gave up on this post, but then I turned on Clearly and it was much easier to read. I can't @mention the devs or anything, but I'll make a note of this design quirk in the suggestions forum. I shouldn't have to rely on third-party software to read something.
  16. Bone will suck, chitin will be considered weird but stylish, and composite will own all until RIS becomes a thing. Oh wait, sorry, my nostalgic sorrow got the better of me.
  17. I suppose that's a bit like the first female host of Overhaulin' compared to the following ones (she knew how cars worked, and could handle a wrench, whereas the rest were... not as knowledgeable). Alright, I'll give you that one.
  18. karetyr

    Rip Headset

    Dang, Sibera V2 for $50? I might order a pair, even though I still have an intact set of Logitech something-or-others.
  19. Hey look, an arbitrary hierarchy enforced by a person with no claim to authority. Eh, I think I'll stick to hanging out with my guildies, and let the title of "best crafter" go to the person who actually deserves it. That probably came out more ornery than I intended it to. Ah well, I'll have another beer.
  20. I'm sorry, sheen, but if I wasn't drunk I might care. Oh wait, no I wouldn't.
  21. Skyrim. Jeremy Soule is, indeed, awesome.
  22. Hey, if it's checkyo that's on the barby, I'll be there, even if it's hosted in Oz.
  23. Just because a female interviewer is attractive and attentive does NOT mean she is there as a marketing toy. Jesus. She might just be, y'know, paying attention. I see that the gamer male demographic is still figuring out that the world does not, in fact, revolve around OMG GIRLS ARE SEX.
  24. For the Empire! Helps that one of the four "heroes" is a really competent, hot Tie/AD pilot.
  25. I think we should have some kind of guild-only celebration to commemorate the successful funding of the game. What could we do? I mean, there are so many of us from so many different places that an in-person barbeque would probably be out of the question.
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