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  1. Welcome home, Vision. Were you a pre-Trammel or post-Trammel UO player?
  2. If I saw a "grand city" in the first month of release, I'd quit. Seriously. The way that they've described the Eternal Kingdom system, I expect to see a truly beautiful (and organically player-evolved) city within the first six months. Not only will it take time and effort, but it will also take social gravitas, something that all MMORPGs past 2005 or so have neglected entirely. There's a reason I backed Crowfall at the level I did.
  3. I'm going to craft the **** out of this game. There's too much Star Wars: Galaxies in my blood to stop me. Sadly, I can't be a Shipwright. But that's OK. I'll just make the most murder-est daggers in the game.
  4. Should I feel inadequate for only pledging Silver?
  5. Well, this may not be exactly what you were looking for, but I got drunk and painted a ranger with a noble but dark past. Eh. https://flic.kr/p/rwDYN4
  6. I can't seem to download this version, anyway. I usually work at 300 or 400dpi, at 8.5" x 11", when I'm doing digital color. I can't think of what that translates to in pixels.
  7. At this very moment, I'm drinking straight Norseman vodka. Before that, it was straight Polish bison grass vodka. I think there was a beer somewhere before that. None of this is worthy of a Stalker, though. Also, I can hate on Jagermeister all I want. It doesn't make me gag like rum and coke does, though (and I love me some rum).
  8. Locked in and PAID! Alpha 3, here I come!
  9. As someone who's done both successful and unsuccessful Kickstarters before, there was absolutely nothing new in that video for me.
  10. karetyr

    Path Of Exile

    It's very sandboxy, but honestly, what ultimately turned me off of Path was its extremely depressing storyline. Even Diablo III, as dark as it is, is more or less a story of redemption and overcoming the odds. I'm good with butchering vast numbers of enemies in a playstyle that I define, but it needs to be on a backdrop that I enjoy. I guess I'm weird that way.
  11. I would LOVE to have a chance to color the lineart when it's done. This is turning out beautifully so far.
  12. You know what's great? Heraldry. Do you know why it's great? Because the techniques feudal nobles used to keep their armies organized are the same techniques we use today to get people to not blow through intersections and kill everyone with their bad driving. The Watch needs heraldry.
  13. Kill things. If it moves, it probably has money on it. Make it die and check.
  14. I'm betting it's http://schellsbrewery.com/beer/deer-brand/.
  15. You won't see me until Alpha 3, Razer, but I look forward to hanging out with you (and everyone else) too!
  16. Link please? Now that we're getting into a significant disagreement on numbers, we need references.
  17. I'm tempted to take that as a challenge, and translate that haiku into a properly Japanese version...
  18. Aye, that's part of its charm - only a select few people will actually read it.
  19. 100 pages calls for something special! One hundred pages, The Lantern Watch grows stronger, Our guild forever
  20. Nice content. I like that you're doing snapshots of forum conversations, in addition to coverage of official news. That gives you a unique angle. I feel like the theme (hi WordPress) needs a little more polish, though it's off to a great start. Specifically, the meta information (posted date/time, comment link, etc.) feels rather plain to me. If you'd like some assistance with branding the site, I'd be happy to help.
  21. To be honest, I don't remember what my profession was when I was in the TCO. I was active on the forums as Karetyr, though, so that's perfectly reasonable that you'd remember me from there.
  22. Eediom, probably the same way that any organization is led - by delegation.
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