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  1. Ninguém é obrigado a nada: aqueles que tem interesse em participar do grupo podem ficar a vontade para se cadastrar; os que não tem podem ficar a vontade para entrarem no Discord e conversar no chat público, interagir conosco, lerem este (extremamente longo e saudoso) tópico e decidirem se vale a pena ou não cadastrar no nosso fórum. Como um dos responsáveis pela organização do fórum, eu garanto que o mesmo é uma ótima forma de sabermos todas as pessoas que tem interesse pelo jogo e pela Guild e contactá-las - além de quê, num futuro próximo, ele provavelmente será o meio de comunicação oficial da WB (por questões de permissões, restrições, etc). De qualquer forma, obrigado pela sugestão!
  2. @hikerkiller, @Avenger-sama e todos que chegarem até aqui, todos são bem-vindos à WB! Que eu saiba, existem poucos brasileiros jogando Crowfall e que não se manifestaram nesse tópico. Movemos as discussões daqui para o fórum do site atual da guild, e também vale lembrar que temos um servidor no Discord! Abraços, BaSkA
  3. I tried to say harvesting is boring and shouldn't be forcefully made fun, or in our case click intensive. And I enjoy gathering, just not like this. Time will tell how good or bad action harvesting is, and I just hope ACE will hear the community and improve it if needed, so no point in discussing preferences.
  4. It might not make sense to you but it makes sense to me. There's not much fun or engagement about farming(and there shouldn't be), and currently it's actually punishing and tiresome. So, yes, I wish I could be semi-afk whilst farming because after you farm the 100th tree it's probably not much fun anyway. IMHO, Harvesting/farming should be something boring but rewarding, just like PvPing is risky but rewarding. So, like I said before, I don't think this concept of action harvesting will last for long(for various reasons), but if it does I wish all the luck to whoever ends up doing it, because me and other people I've talked to probably won't - even though we planned on doing it in the first place. That's only my opinion after doing that(harvesting/farming/etc) in different games and spending quite some time while at it. Cheers
  5. If holding a button isn't click intensive, I don't know what intensive means :x
  6. Thank you for this. I believe some people don't understand what we're complaining about. It's not about the semi-afk aspect of it, it's about it being so click intensive. I don't like mentioning too much other games, but after getting 99 WC, mining, fishing, etc in a couple of accounts in RuneScape, I don't mind farming for months; what I don't (and won't) wanna do is having to be 100% focused to do it. If you read all this and still cannot understand why it sucks, then imagine yourself doing it. If you say "but I never wanted to be a harvester/farmer/crafter in the first place" then I have two things to ask you(with all due respect): Firstly is that then you probably shouldn't care too much about how it works now, should you? And 2nd is that if people who actually want to be harvesters are complaining, there must be some reasoning for it, right? Now, if you actually like the way it currently works ("action gathering/farming") and you still feel like being a harvester, then I salute you and wish you good luck, because I'm out.
  7. Oh yeah, for sure. My point was just that if we really have to bind if you have the hardware or create macros if you don't, that should mean something is wrong/bad :x
  8. Guys, I am not sure if I've got something wrong or if this hasn't crossed your minds but, as someone who wanted to be a crafter (and therefore farm lots of resources), I cannot imagine myself farming resources in such a click intensive ways. I've done this a lot in Rust and RuneScape, and in Rust you could macro (in-game) the farming action and in RS it's a one click per resource(in our case, 1 click per stamina bar). If farming resources is so click intensive, imagine doing this for a couple hundred times everyday, not being able to go semi-afk (alt+tab, take a look at your phone, take or hands off your kb+m, etc) is absurd. I understand botters are something to be worried about, but IMHO making farming so click-intensive is not a good way to do it and it punishes farmers even more than they already will be (i.e. materials go flying instead of going directly do your inventory, you're an easy target whilst farming, your stamina goes down so you're dead if you need to fight/run - and currently you can't even use chat or take a look at your inventory whilst at it). I feel like if harvesting is so click intensive and punishing I'll either make a macro/bind it to some other key, which usually means something is bad/wrong, or just give up being a crafter/harvester altogether - even though I liked doing it in every game I played. Am I alone in this or do you guys think the harvesting's gotta be difficult, punishing and maybe cause carpo tunnel syndrome?
  9. IMHO, making P2W decisions are not worth it in the long term. Crowfall's model is having VIP accounts instead of a monthly subscription, which is awesome if and only if the VIP is not P2W, just helpful and time saving, like ACE always puts it.
  10. What's the goal number for race x class combinations in total? Meaning: A x B = ???
  11. I never played SWG, haven't played UO in ages and I don't mind a crafting system a bit complex - not too much - but full of things you have to discover and whatnot. I know what you mean when you say you want some kind of in-game tutorial for crafting, but I like things hard and let the community make guides and wikias. Just my 2 centz. I always felt uncomfortable with the scale of things and how much space menus take, and I couldn't put it in words better than you did. I don't think there's much need to get creative about this, just copy this from MMOs which implemented it nicely (WoW and SWTOR have cool menus, UI and customization, IMHO).
  12. Great video, thanks for sharing for those who aren't testing any time soon. A bit of a rant if you let me: - I really liked the rune tools concept, but I'd rather have a tool belt and be able to also craft the tools, giving me exp and letting me have "green bonuses" on them, such as higher chance of better materials, more materials drop rate, etc. Just like the regular crafting you already have(which's pretty awesome) plus a tool belt(RS3 I remembered you); - I'm not a fan of differently sized items in inventory... at least not for materials, bars, etc, only for weapons, tools, armour, etc. Maybe only bars need 2 slots, but I'd love them to take up only one, and stack. I really like when MMOs have big inventories but also have weight limitations. I'd rather have those instead of space limitations, like making people run slower, etc - maybe also let people craft bigger bags, like in WoW?; - Finally, the menus shown on the video seem a bit unresponsive still, maybe it's the video quality, but I feel it's lacking fluidity... it's hard to explain, but when moving stuff they look heavy or something. Maybe it's just me. Keep up the great work ACE <3
  13. I tried to speak about healing in general, not only in CF. What I don't like is for healers to be OP or game breaking, and I don't know if they are in CF so early on.
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