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    Crafting. Getting good enough to sometimes counter gank a ganker while gathering.
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  1. Is intentionally using known bugs and creative use of game mechanics officially allowed? We deserve an official response. Do we spam report, or do we balance the playing field ourselves by utilizing the same methods? I am not judging or condemning anyone here. I have played games where the motto was "Exploit early, and often" and it was a tactical thing to know when to use them. Once used, the enemy becomes aware they exist and will figure out how to use them as well. I have played games where Devs have been nebulous, then when players started using the same methods to have the same advantages, suddenly there was a ban wave and once silent devs posting that exploits are bad. We all know that some known bugs are being openly used for advantage. Should we do this too? or should we report these uses knowing action will be taken?
  2. stacked chests. Loot chests and barrels still stack.
  3. I went back to sleep. Had a nice nap. The next night I randomly woke up right as the server maintenance happened. Logged in after maintenance ended and saw no 7.2 I sleepily smiled, typed at guildies on discord a bit, turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. Sorry @ACE-Tiggs I hadn't intended to spark a discussion thread, I was just very not awake.
  4. I know there aren't a lot of us, but on my side of the world it is just a bit past 6am. I normally get up around 9am. I am up early to help my guild with the initial Dregs rush. I haven't had coffee yet, because if there is no 7.2 today I would like to be able to go back to sleep. We are working on some blocking bugs / Dregs campaign starts the day 7.2 goes live Can someone officially just tell me "Not today" so I can go back to sleep? Your wording doesn't indicate an ETA on fixing these bugs and leaves a LOT of room for a sudden update that you fixed the bugs, servers are coming down for maintenance, and the campaign launches in an hour. One other grumble: the Message update to the dregs campaign post doesn't show up in the dev tracker. I saw the original post. If it weren't for discord, I wouldn't know there was an issue. This really should have been accompanied by a post so it would appear in the dev tracker.
  5. We are ~2 weeks out from the next campaign. No mention of combat changes and no sign of 7.2 on test. It feels like we either aren't getting 7.2 and combat changes for another dregs (another 6+ weeks like this), or it isn't going to be remotely well tested. The earlier legitimate balance changes happen, the better for the health of the game unless you plan to sort of randomly change things every few months just to shake up the meta. It would be nice to hear something official on this. Things have been silent since the "it is coming next week" became "people got upset so we pulled it".
  6. We are ~3 weeks from the next campaign cycle and no sign of 7.2 on the Test server. I would think ACE would need time for us to poke it, especially with the recently reduced dev team. Please let us poke it so you have time to at least fix any unforseen glaring issues and missed decimal places, if not time for at least an iteration or two. We the players could also use time to check things. These changes are drastic. I dread starting a new campaign with huge doubts and unpleasant surprises about how my build functions. Let me start day 1 of a campaign in a maybe new, but at least tested and sound build so I can focus on the rush of a new campaign.
  7. I apped out of the blue at launch. Friendly people, organized events, nice direction for keep raids, and a really nice focus on pushing the guild. They have been very accepting and happy to answer my many newb questions since I have been mostly out of the loop since 2017. For an East Coast Aussie, the big for windows seem to start about 10:30 in the morning with the BIG part hitting at noon, but there seem to be people around and active if diminished until about 2am with people in discord even after that. Quite happy here and would recommend to anyone wanting organization and clear direction for big events. Seeing people apply after being ganked or rolled over by the red shield an amusing bonus.
  8. I could really use a clock on the ui. Could have an on/off in options even.
  9. I have hope that they will fix it. If not... I will have big issues. My latency from Oz combined with my personal slow reaction time has me at enough of a disadvantage. I don't think I could spirit bank if I wanted to.
  10. For me, I think it just shifts my "P2W" strategy to adding a 2nd account. I have 6 years worth of VIP tokens so it wouldn't be a thing to have both VIPed up. I liked when VIP offered some chance of being a crafter with decent gathering AND combat ability. Now? I will likely end up with a Combat account with a side of gather, and a Crafter account to use the product and make goods for said combat character. Hell, why not get a 3rd account too? Faster specialization for different gathers/crafts. Nope. Won't happen. I still have hope they will give VIP value, especially since my schedule means I will be an off hour, mostly solo player.
  11. I don't feel I have enough information to make an educated decision at this time. As a Kickstarter Amber backer, do I have to add one of these new parcels to be able to gather resources in my EK? (the answer for this may need a chart to cover various backer levels for others) A variation of this question would be: Can I harvest a Farmland parcel or a City Stronghold parcel rank 1? Is there a benefit for having multiple harvestable parcels? Hopefully more information will be available before the sale ends.
  12. this. Glad I don't have to type much now. Thanks Blazzen! I want to craft main. I want to be combat competant enough that when I get salty from deaths I can swap to a character that has a chance (using my crafted gear) to revenge gank. I would prefer to do that with skills from VIP instead of a 2nd account.
  13. Count me in. I am currently planning on running 2 of my training/most played slots with crafters. Current'y pondering bow/weapons specialist on one, and seige/fort specialist on the other (based on guestimates from current info). 3rd slot will probably be either a gatherer, or a revenge ganker.
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