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  1. I could really use a clock on the ui. Could have an on/off in options even.
  2. And THIS is the bit I needed to learn. I didn't realize I could do this. Making my own tables is easy now, and swapping to other crafts afterwards is cheap thanks to testing recipes. Thank you all! For feedback summary, this seems almost equal parts: tutorial/in game tool tip/encyclopedia issue (I am sure will be fixed near launch) / 1st campaign / limited campaign options / and one sided dominance blocking access to content. Most of this will fix itself with a full launch.
  3. I think you missed the original/real issue. I just chose the faction the system highlighted when making my latency test characters for the current campaign. This locked me to those factions until the campaign ends. These factions, both EU and NA have no keeps, so I can't use advanced crafting stations in campaign. I have a lvl 15 character in the campaign who can use crafting disciplines, but can't access the needed benches. If I level a character to 15 in my EK, I can use benches there. Stone Masonry will allow me to make my own benches for my EK, after which I can drop it. This only costs 1 ore/1 dust for the Discipline rune. From my understanding, since this won't benefit from experimentation and such, this won't require "picking" it, just the cost of a rune. I still need a lvl 15 character to unlock a greater discipline slot so I can play with ANY higher end crafting. I don't think getting with a guild will give me access to advanced crafting tables unless Balance stops playing on NA.
  4. Whelp. I have a stone masonry crafting station in my EK now. I can make a Stone Masonry greater discipline rune and send it to a character in my EK through the spirit bank. Now I just need to level a character in my EK to level 15 to unlock a greater discipline slot.. by harvesting and sacrificing the goods with no other options for xp. You know, the goods I am going to need to make the crafting tables I would rather have. This is almost as depressing as no crafting. I want to level my character in the campaign, but I want to craft so I have to SLOW level my character in EK. I know, they are looking at ways gatherers can level that isn't just sacrifice. This all just highlights the core of my frustration, which is not being able to craft above basic if you chose the wrong faction in a campaign (without a LOT of jumping through hoops). Would this be an issue if my EK had been around a while and I was 3 campaigns in with leveled characters? no. This thread was to highlight frustrations that may erode a new player's desire to play.
  5. Thank ya! I will give that a try. For some reason I was thinking export was only at end of campaign and import would be limited.
  6. I have been away from the game for a LONG time. While I have a bit of a clue, this would be a reasonable reference for a potential new player issue. I prefer crafting and gathering with a nice side of PVP. I rolled up my character and did some grinding to level and unlock my major crafting disciplines to match my crafting paths. I had to stumble around a bit before finding out I needed a crafting table to make non basic things. No problem, tutorial will come later in development. Then I tried to look up resources need and make some of my higher end crafts. Go to forums and wiki to find out I need a specific crafting table for that profession instead of a general table. But wait, those are only in keeps and forts, not in the temple. I look at the map, look at the faction I had randomly chosen. EU map is 50/50 controlled by 2 factions it seems. Check my faction. My faction doesn't control anything. Roll on NA (the wife said it would be better latency, and it was). Pick Order. Play a bit as I am feeling out changes to a 2nd class from my back in the day play. Ready to craft! Open map. Solid Balance. No crafting for me. It seems I am locked to these factions until the campaign is over. I tried deleting all my characters and re-rolling. Right back to 0 control faction. Make sense. Reduces faction spy abuse. I know this is a known issue. Even JTC posted a thread about it (never mind the trashfire it became). I have hope for the faction balance issue. My real issue is blind faction choice (maybe out of ignorance, but this will be common in new players) effectively blocking me from the part of the game I am most interested in. This will probably end my play testing this campaign. I'm off hours, and without crafting don't really have any reason to gather. Without crafting I don't have a big way to gear up. With crafting? I have a potential carrot to keep harvesting. If I am harvesting I give others a target to chase and try to gank. I don't mind running. I don't mind dying (well, not too often at least). I still have a carrot on my stick I can chase. If I was a true new player? Hopefully there would be a plethora of other campaigns to jump into instead. If not? An effective week long lockout would give me ample time to find other things to play. You want me hooked and spending my time here.
  7. I have hope that they will fix it. If not... I will have big issues. My latency from Oz combined with my personal slow reaction time has me at enough of a disadvantage. I don't think I could spirit bank if I wanted to.
  8. For me, I think it just shifts my "P2W" strategy to adding a 2nd account. I have 6 years worth of VIP tokens so it wouldn't be a thing to have both VIPed up. I liked when VIP offered some chance of being a crafter with decent gathering AND combat ability. Now? I will likely end up with a Combat account with a side of gather, and a Crafter account to use the product and make goods for said combat character. Hell, why not get a 3rd account too? Faster specialization for different gathers/crafts. Nope. Won't happen. I still have hope they will give VIP value, especially since my schedule means I will be an off hour, mostly solo player.
  9. I don't feel I have enough information to make an educated decision at this time. As a Kickstarter Amber backer, do I have to add one of these new parcels to be able to gather resources in my EK? (the answer for this may need a chart to cover various backer levels for others) A variation of this question would be: Can I harvest a Farmland parcel or a City Stronghold parcel rank 1? Is there a benefit for having multiple harvestable parcels? Hopefully more information will be available before the sale ends.
  10. this. Glad I don't have to type much now. Thanks Blazzen! I want to craft main. I want to be combat competant enough that when I get salty from deaths I can swap to a character that has a chance (using my crafted gear) to revenge gank. I would prefer to do that with skills from VIP instead of a 2nd account.
  11. Count me in. I am currently planning on running 2 of my training/most played slots with crafters. Current'y pondering bow/weapons specialist on one, and seige/fort specialist on the other (based on guestimates from current info). 3rd slot will probably be either a gatherer, or a revenge ganker.
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