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    Crafting. Getting good enough to sometimes counter gank a ganker while gathering.
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  1. I could really use a clock on the ui. Could have an on/off in options even.
  2. I have hope that they will fix it. If not... I will have big issues. My latency from Oz combined with my personal slow reaction time has me at enough of a disadvantage. I don't think I could spirit bank if I wanted to.
  3. For me, I think it just shifts my "P2W" strategy to adding a 2nd account. I have 6 years worth of VIP tokens so it wouldn't be a thing to have both VIPed up. I liked when VIP offered some chance of being a crafter with decent gathering AND combat ability. Now? I will likely end up with a Combat account with a side of gather, and a Crafter account to use the product and make goods for said combat character. Hell, why not get a 3rd account too? Faster specialization for different gathers/crafts. Nope. Won't happen. I still have hope they will give VIP value, especially since my schedule means I will be an off hour, mostly solo player.
  4. I don't feel I have enough information to make an educated decision at this time. As a Kickstarter Amber backer, do I have to add one of these new parcels to be able to gather resources in my EK? (the answer for this may need a chart to cover various backer levels for others) A variation of this question would be: Can I harvest a Farmland parcel or a City Stronghold parcel rank 1? Is there a benefit for having multiple harvestable parcels? Hopefully more information will be available before the sale ends.
  5. this. Glad I don't have to type much now. Thanks Blazzen! I want to craft main. I want to be combat competant enough that when I get salty from deaths I can swap to a character that has a chance (using my crafted gear) to revenge gank. I would prefer to do that with skills from VIP instead of a 2nd account.
  6. Count me in. I am currently planning on running 2 of my training/most played slots with crafters. Current'y pondering bow/weapons specialist on one, and seige/fort specialist on the other (based on guestimates from current info). 3rd slot will probably be either a gatherer, or a revenge ganker.
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