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  1. Thank you for taking the time to answer I'll look into these
  2. Hey all! I am new to CF and I've been having a ton of fun! I want to go after Grave Digging and Necromancy for crafting I currently have a Half Elf Stormcaller at 30 and that so far is my main character. Below I'll list some questions I have. 1. Is it mandatory to make a Nethari Confessor or just Nethari in general to be a efficient Necromancer. 2. If question 1 is yes can you still play that character regularly or does it become -only- a crafter. 3. Can my Main (The druid) still do the grave digging since i'll be playing on it most of the time. Please let me know This is all very d
  3. My stormcaller is 30 already It's fun feels very bursty just not sure how strong ill be in 1v1s 1vX etc. I can clearly see how strong I am for groups however.
  4. I think if I were to choose a hybrid id do Archdruid cause it has the Dark Platform and that would sort of feed into my Warlock Aesthetic I enjoy. Not sure how viable that is or of you know any builds for it
  5. Wow consider me shook. Was just watching some of your videos haha! I'm having a lot of fun with my SC im using this build just trying to see if Archdruid or Earthkeeper would be more my bag. I'm looking for something I can sort of main for all content as i mentioned with a focus on group play. I dont need to be the best at every aspect that's unrealistic . However, I do want a druid class i can solo well with be it farming or 1v1 1vX and also shred in groups.
  6. Hey, I'm BRAND new to CF got a Stormcaller to 30 just now and it honestly feels ALOT like a warlock does in WoW which is my most experienced MMO. I never thought this would be the case since i usually stay away from naturey classes. However I was pleased to find a class I enjoyed. I just looted a blue staff with a nice 5% crit on it and was looking at archdruid since i think thats the only dps/hybrid that uses staves? How are they in solo and group play. SC is really fun in solo and i can hold my own in pvp as well solo. How is the druid healer? Does it have that CC or leech sort of pl
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