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Everything posted by gizmaul

  1. Great group! If you need a home this is the place to be. Great team, great plan!
  2. I have been Gordoil or Gizmaul in everything since EQ beta:) So chances are good we have run in the same circles. In time the fools comment will make sense. I still blame Diz.
  3. Only fools with ally with this group! I mean come on:)
  4. All of our people will be real:) Join a guild with real people! Click the Link!
  5. I thought we could only have 5 characters? You going to duo box it?
  6. Now that you have read the rest. Time to buck up and join the best! Click the Link!
  7. Serrated is always open to dialog about any type of membership and recruitment. We have brokered alliances, we have brokered mergers into Serrated. We have helped broker mergers between allies. If things are not what you had hoped for, or are not working as intended in your current guild, send me a message and we can talk options. Single person, small group, 1/2 a guild. Whatever it is I am betting we can come to an agreement that makes it work for everyone involved. All you have to do is start the conversation:)
  8. Keep on rolling along towards launch. Always nice to see new applications.
  9. CU will start opening the test more soon. There has been a lot of work done with the IT team. Fun to see the changes with each new push of the game. Serrated will be running a chapter in CU and have high hopes for it. But CF, CU and CoE are all promising big things. It is a race to launch:) See you in game!
  10. So far it looks good enough we are going to spin off a chapter and see what happens. Lots of elements of the game are pretty exciting and new. But time will tell the tale:)
  11. As always we are open for business and ready to answer any questions you may have. Have a great weekend!
  12. Best of luck to you and yours!
  13. Welcome to Serrated! Glad to have you along for the journey! To everyone still looking at guilds send me a PM if you have questions! This is a GREAT place to call home!
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