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  1. I think what you meant to say is "Damn, we should've all rolled under the Death banner so we could actually win based on the current scoring rules but we have too many people for that now and also our brains are smoll"
  2. 100 isn't the problem for me. Thanks for reading.
  3. How dare they CHANGE something, not fix, that has been functioning like this for 5+ months.
  4. They have nobody in the whole company who pays attention to player behavior and economics.
  5. Dear ACE, You custarded up. A long time ago. Because its worked this way for months. And then you custarded up again today by changing the rules we've been playing by in the whole Dregs. Quit with the knee-jerk and start planning your poorly made dergs better. Respectfullyish MMM
  6. Life in the world of small guilds
  7. I've seen this question more times than I can count on both the Community Discord and in General Chat so I decided to put together a quick guide showing both the Assassin and the Alchemist POV for crafting Poison
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