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  1. Most guilds will have dedicated crafters who spend a bulk of time to power level through to the highest ranks possible.
  2. Balance. Efficiency. Mastery. Equilibrium seeks zealous and experienced individuals who wish to carve a place in Crowfall as a small-to-mid sized guild with an emphasis on infinite self-improvement and efficient progression. Interested players should fill this brief questionnaire: https://s.surveyplanet.com/9tXO9umlo
  3. Ladder world aka my EK Tons of people crash when entering because they can't handle the amount of ladder.
  4. Can't trade to people right in front of me. https://discord.com/channels/169607455326732288/196080479626199040/847606752820330576 This is done in God's Reach EU. We tried grouping and drag/drop. We trade from F command menu. Both relog several times and tried trade from various elevations and distances.
  5. I logged in to Gods' Reach US East. I landed in Earth Temple. I took portal to Lunarium. I took portal to Sky Point. I got hit by Allfather for 8999 damage and died instantly https://discord.com/channels/169607455326732288/196080479626199040/847535657236168744
  6. Can you imagine the good times that we would share?
  7. Its a fundamental part of any multiplayer game. Removing it is a death sentence.
  8. Please do the needful and add the general chatterization mechanism back to the screens
  9. Come join one of the best organized and structured guilds this side of the Mississippi.
  10. Good video, @CrusaderW Unfortunately this guy doesn't know what he's talking about and should stop making videos if he's not going to play the games
  11. I agree @Yoink Fort windows are highly unenjoyable for the reasons you've mentioned. I'd love to see more opportunities to fight over them.
  12. Agree with the points here. DF did it exceptionally well. Looking forward to how CF imagines the handshake
  13. I am going to somewhat/mostly agree with you Parallel. Is 24/7 sieging a good thing? No. Is 24/7 harassment a good thing? Yes. I think you should be able to kill the guards albeit not so easily. I think keeps should take less resources to build but suffer damage 24/7. A keep should be a safer place but not a sanctuary. Darkfall: UW is my favorite game of the genre so far and I think they got sieges pretty to close to right. Anyone and everyone could come along and beat on your base 24/7 but you could only lose it during windows from a handshake mechanic so to speak.
  14. And with how many Dregs have been tested since our last one.... you could almost assume they're getting ready for more live Dregs too
  15. Thank you for voicing your opinion.
  16. Giving notice in-game doesn't help people who weren't in-game. Giving notice in Discord doesn't help the droves of new players who don't know or can't find the Discord (its actually not so easy to access). Giving notice on your forums and on your social media accounts is community management 101. Thank you for your response.
  17. Yes. And they don't give notice or a window of the downtime. And they force close the launcher so you can't wait to see when it comes online. You have to repeatedly login with 2FA Happy Wednesday
  18. Really good guide. I was already attracted to this premise and had been trying some things having just joined at the start of 6.400 so this has really helped me develop some of the mechanics necessary to get better at something I enjoy playing.
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