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  1. As I look at the kickstarter page, it still going up. I guess it be 500-550,000 by tommorrow. Hopefully, they can raise a lot.
  2. I am on the same boat. The prizes is so tempting.
  3. Almost everything is excited to me since I don't play that many mmo or pvp.
  4. This made my night. Thank you sir.
  5. I am really liking how to the game is shaping up. I have get up for work at 5:00 a.m -.-. I cant wait to get see the footage and everything.
  6. Mainly playing games on my wiiu and toontown rewritten
  7. I mainly play pirate101 and wizard101. I would like to try another mmo out there.
  8. I am loving the art style and different classes look interesting.
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