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  1. eternal kingdoms might also be unlocked b some hidden mission i would like to think that multiple guilds are required for this mission
  2. i think they wrote the backstory to get people interested into the character but i would love to be able to write my own backstory... born under a bridge... live with a pack of bunnies....
  3. for pvp they might make it to where it is locked in first person mode or something
  4. wow i loved the backtsory shows this guy cant be messed with
  5. all i am wonder where is that army going in the right side of the picture O.o
  6. ive been bored for a while from most of the mmorpg i play and with crowfall being something different i decided to give it a go
  7. flying could be a form of traveling so we can have a good view about landscaping i dont know about the comabt system though
  8. you put alot of effort into the organization or your guild makes me wanna join already
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