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  1. There is a typo displaying "Respec Character" at 2305, 4, 1692 (XYZ) The stairs at 2185, 12, 1760 (XYZ) you can go through them walking upwards. In the very outer parts of the map when flying as a crow, some of the rocks and content you could fly through. Some pillars in the main area if you try to jump on them, you weirdly levitate for a little while.
  2. It would be nice if you were doing the main quest as soon as you have joined, having it guide you to the "Sentinel of Earth". Also, the part where players can obtain a maximum of 15 talent points per character would easily be overlooked, or forgotten by some players. May I suggest having x/15 talent points put next to "Spent" in the talents UI?
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